03/02/16 Respite 05

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  1. Depends on the livestock.

  2. Now that we shared food and lodging, you will marry my niece. She may have 4 left tentacles and blurred quadrocular vision, but everyone agrees that her hooves are quite symmetrical and look at you, you are no Quadonis either, no offense…

  3. Quadonis, heh… 🙂

  4. Marriage? Done! Deal! Take Foxglove. No take backs!!

    And watch the alien cry.

  5. I guess they have yet to trust one another, though I’d say that the being trusts them more at the moment. Humans are so paranoid.

  6. @Nightgaunt

    That’s because, without our remarkable brains, we wouldn’t stand a chance in our food chain. We’re essentially right there with the raccoon.. only without claws and teeth.

  7. We are the Apex predator of Earth yet we have none of the expected characteristics of them.
    We have no:
    sharp teeth
    strong muscles
    sensitive noses
    What we do have compensates for all that:

    Big complex brains
    Large binocular vision
    Manual dexterity
    The ability to recognize patterns
    Walk upright
    Contemplate things in the past or possible futures
    And so on….

    However we have also produced the ability to not only kill our selves, but the entire biosphere.
    As individuals we can be smart, but as a species we are suicidal fools reaching for that last dollar regardless of the catastrophe being made.

  8. Yup. Take China. Pollution is so bad it hits the west coast of the US. And China is drilling for oil in the Amazon rain forest.

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