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03/21/16 Respite 13

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  1. Anna is too wooOOOooOOOooozy to travel.

  2. aaand we’re back to yelling at each other and hurling insults, blunt objects can’t be far behind. Short honeymoon.

  3. Oh. Right. Hangover.

  4. @andreas “Throwing blunt objects”?
    Run Pewter, RUN!!

  5. So which of these two is the Klingon?

  6. I guess Anna’s brain’s still not 100%; the thought of what happened to her terrifies me. Her body looks great outwardly, but the electrical potential of her brain has been lowered by what Hishla did to her.. every thing that makes her “her” is what’s been injured.

  7. Klingon? Foxglove methinks.

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