Tootle-lee-tooo. Still heading for Vermont. Somewhere around Iowa right now. 🙂

07/15/16 Kthauwk’s Lair 19

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  1. I take it Pewter likes to watch 1980s action movies.

  2. Aw man! I wish I’d known you’d me in Iowa. I know the family would’ve loved to meet you.

  3. @Iby, that would’ve been lovely. But this was one of those no-frills steady-through drives. Need to be in Vermont by Sunday.

  4. So did it drop the lauridium or not? The way it is holding its left…paw? it looks like it is still holding it.

    Also: this does not seem like it is going to be the best way to save Anna….

  5. Hey, if you’re passing through Dubuque, LMK.

    Not that we’d actually DO anything. That would mean, you know, spending money.

    But hey! I’ll send lots of warm thoughts your way.

  6. If you’re ever in NE Washington and want to have RC copter duels…. then my brother would be thrilled to meet you.

    Me? I’m asocial. But you have my appreciation for really neat comics. :p

  7. A very good weeks end cliffhanger, or in this case being carried off by the monster with the mcguffin too.

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