01/28/15 Evening Stroll 01


Hello! And welcome to the world of “Anna Galactic.” (although, the woman in today’s strip is named “Foxglove”).

You may be wondering why it ends as if a couple panels are missing. Well…. so, one of the things I noticed when doing Spacetrawler, was although ending each page with a gag did make it fun to read it both web and book form, it also created a bit of a stuttered pace in book form. And so, with “Anna Galactic,” I’ll be making breaks part-way through pages, wherever a gag completes (like here, 3.5 pages in). Thus, satisfying reading it in either format. I think it will work. Finger’s crossed.

The strip will RARELY be this long. I wanted a good solid introduction (plus action read so quickly!). But, in general, sometimes it will be longer than a page, sometimes shorter. Again, depending on where the gags lay.

I’ve mentioned before, but some folk did not care for how “One Way” ended, with unfinished story lines and more questions than answers, and no finale. That was on purpose and because I was writing it as a short-story rather than a traditional full story arc. “Anna Galactic” has a full story arc, in fact the ENTIRE THING IS WRITTEN ALREADY, and I have run it by a good number of people, all who have thought in a smash-bang good climactic ending. I do hope you enjoy it.

I’m not sure how long it will run, and won’t know until I lay it out. I’m guessing 2-3 years.

So… welcome!