07/14/17 Diary: Waiting Game




Still loopy. More loopy maybe.


  1. mouse

    I can’t believe you work with your back to that wonderful window.

    Then again, maybe that’s the only way you _can_ work (I personally would probably spend Way Too Much Time watching the world outside it).

    1. Oddly, the living room has a much better window than the dining room. And the one behind me is slightly higher than I’ve drawn it, so even facing it I wouldn’t look up enough much to see out. But to my right are sliding glass doors to the outside, where I occasionally gazed out. And plus, it’s a pretty house inside and out.

      BUT, still, in the end, when I work I am largely lost in my inner-head world. I have only found that if I have a window that overlooks things and is close to me directly on my left, do I stop here-and-there to gaze out. πŸ™‚

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