04/13/18 Diary: Fly Catching





Tillie Walden (born 1996) is an American cartoonist.


  1. War Pig

    Much of human nature IS dark and horrid. Witness the poison gas attacks in Syria, groups like ISIS, the North Korean regime and some really sicko criminals here in the land of the free. Being in a unit that fights terrorism, you see some really sick, nightmare-causing stuff.

    That’s why people like you are necessary, to bring some joy and laughter into the world. If all we saw was the dark side of humanity, life wouldn’t be worth living. Drive on, sir.

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    We have (most of us?) graduated from feral to civilized brains. But I wonder. The claim is that was why there was no advanced human civilization due to feral brains stopping it for nearly 200,000 years. Maybe and yet some people fall back into it so easily and quickly.

  3. Schismatism

    Dickens was really an awesome satirist, and (as all great satirists are) entirely capable of plucking at the heartstrings when he wanted. Heck, another great work which presents a biopic of the times, and not a very positive one, has the same sense of comedy inside it: Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. The Wilbour translation is fairly excellent, and keeps with it the occasional quirks, the smiles, the sense of wonder with which Hugo described Paris during the revolution. (The two are also interesting for a comparison because they were each written serially, and about the same time.)

    I see the blanket fort– I’m sorry, covered studio — is still up!

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