04/20/18 Diary: Window Shopping





Raina Telgemeier (born May 26, 1977) is an American cartoonist.


William Wilkie Collins (January 8, 1824 – September 23,1889) was an English novelist, playwright, and short story writer.


  1. Meran

    I’ve just discovered that tasty syrup. May I have the recipe?? It could be sent to my secret email addy, attached to this post… thanks!

    I’m going to attempt real treacle this weekend. (I bought a British baking book!)

  2. War Pig

    I used to get marshmallows made form real marshmallow root in Europe (Holland, usually) from small, specialty shoppes. Totally different taste and I think they taste better.

    1. Jude

      I’ve always wanted to try the original. I’m sure our local health food store could order some roots as they’ve often ordered in specific items for me. Probably there’s a recipe on the net too.

  3. Jude

    Remind me where you are in this strip, please. The idea that it’s still snowing is a horrible thought. Tulips, daffodils, crocuses, azaleas, cherry trees and forsythia are all in bloom. Next week, the entire week is supposed to be sunny. And this is Canada I live in too! ????

  4. Night-Gaunt49

    Wild erratic weather caused by the AGW destabilization of the Polar Vortex can make for some confusing days. And switching from a snow covered day to a mild one full of water as the snow suddenly melts.

    Putting in 10-12 hour days for weeks on end is a tremendous grind.

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