04/27/18 Diary: Dare To Be Square




I had a lovely time with everyone at the “Drink and Draw.” I really appreciate that Carson Morton invited me.

And here’s a link to Eric Dyck’s Comics.


And then on to the bios…


Dorothy Gladys “Dodie” Smith (May 3, 1896 – November 24, 1990) was an English children’s novelist and playwright.


Ben Dylan Aaronovitch (born February 1964) is an English author and screenwriter.


  1. andreas

    There was an otter in our brook,
    That every mortal semblance took,
    Could any spell of magic make
    And speak the tongues of man and drake.
    So runs the water away, away,
    So runs the water away

    Ursula K. LeGuin, 1929-2018, Tales from Earthsea

  2. Steven

    You walked by my sister-in-law’s house. You danced to the calling of a friend. It’s weird to see a piece of one’s world reflected in a comic.

    Even though I live 2 hours away in Calgary I still consider this “home”. It’s somehow gratifying to be able to share a piece of it with you and through your work with other people.

    1. “I Capture the Castle” is not a kids book. It’s about relationships and adulting. Parts of the plotting feel not entirely satisfying to me, but I love all the little descriptions of actual experiences. Like it starting with her sitting in the kitchen sink, for a different perspective on the world.

    1. Funny, we were considering going that route, but need to sleep somewhere, and so plan to camp a night between the Crowsnest Pass and Seattle. And OF COURSE, after days of heat, it’s going to drop in temperature, a LOT. I looked at going down through Spokane, but it looks like our best bet for a not freezing night is on the western slope of the Cascades near Vancouver, so w will likely take that route. But the pics of that look lovely! 🙂

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