05/04/18 Diary: Leaving the Crowsnest




Ah, a challenge to get ‘er done while on the road, but success! And yeah, seriously, HWY 3 west of the rockies, beautiful and dotted with lovely little towns. Reminded me of how much is missed when taking the interstates where you go around rather than  pass through anything.


  1. War Pig

    When I was younger, my family drove Route 66 many times. We saw a lot of the things that are nostalgia now, and many that are gone. Then the Interstate system came in and I drove it once. Faster, more convenient, but I missed the “last chance gas and reptile emporium” sort of things of the Mother Road. On old Route 66 it was not unusual to see actual roadrunners out hunting, and in the early morning the snakes would get onto the still warm pavement with predictably deleterious results for the snakes. One time we were chased by a tornado on Route 66 for about 30 miles, we had left Shamrock, Texas and were en route to Oklahoma City. Dad broke all speed laws that day. The old Buick was doing in excess of 100 the whole time. No sooner would we outrun one than another dropped down from the clouds behind us again.

    The interstates have aided travel, especially trade and truck traffic a great deal. But I still miss the old routes where you saw many things. Ripoff “museums” where monkey heads were sewn onto catfish bodies to make “petrified mermaids”, places to buy old Indian arrowheads on the cheap. Eating at Stucky’s and Howard Johnsons, Dutch Pantry and Sambo’s, as wel as several smaller, non-chain places.

    Interstates are business, the old routes were personality.

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