12/23/22 Diary: Moving In


Title: Moving In Panel 1: Drawing of me between two cannons, looking out to sea, with Saint Kitts on the horizon. Caption, "12/17/22 - Feeling some anxiety about driving with slightly different rules here, I made myself get in the car and drove out to Fort de Windt, where I could see Saint Kitts." -- Panel 2: Drawing of Me on the beach, looking out at the Atlantic. Caption, "And then to Zelandia Beach (the leatherback turtles won't be here to nest until March)." -- Panel 3: Drawing of me in a car driving through thick bushes, with pieces of them being knocked off and flying everywhere as I pass. Caption, "And the Miriam Schmidt "botanical gardens" which requires driving a nightmare falling-apart single-lane "road," and the feel of the place is "abandoned" even though there were some tables to sit at and nice views." -- Panel 4: Drawing of Jay and I at the Boardwalk Cafe talking to a waitress with the Caribbean behind us. Caption, "After a day of drawing, I went with Jay out to dinner at the Boardwalk Cafe, where we got a decent pizza. We talked a lot about travel, and the complications which arise especially at borders." -- Panel 5: Drawing of me on the B&B veranda, looking out and drinking tea, with everything just turning from night into day. Caption, "12/18/22 - I still have no idea how to take care of the dogs, cat, or house, but Colette was tired, so they asked me to come over at 5:45am for a half-hour quick run-through. But during the night she texted me to cancel it, which I saw when I was already up, so I drank tea while watching the sky get light." -- Panel 6: Drawing of me at the Gin House restaurant, facing the sea. Caption, "The online listing for the ferry was wrong, so they missed it. I left them at their house, stopped by my B&B and then walked down to the Gin House by the water for my complimentary B&B breakfast." -- Panel 7: Drawing of me sitting in a chair under some trees, reading. Caption, "The B&B hosts let me check out a couple hours late, and then I walked to Colette and Jay's house. They were sleeping, so I dragged a chair under some trees and read more of "The Gastronomical Me."" -- Panel 8: Drawing of Colette and I in the kitchen, with her showing me dog meds. Caption, "I finally got a decent quick rundown of how to take care of the pets and house before they caught an evening flight off of Statia. Phew!" -- Panel 9: Drawing of me amidst a house of clutter. Caption, "I neatened things a little bit, but overall felt overwhelmed. Everything cluttered and open to the elements, I felt like I'm living in a beach shack. Which is fine, it will just take some time to readjust my expectations."


Allllmmmost caught up with the present day.

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