12/26/22 Diary: Adjusting


Title: Adjusting Panel 1: Drawing of me working at a big table on my computer setup. Caption, "12/19/22- I felt discouraged and lonely and struggled to focus among the clutter. I was also distracted by the electrician and his apprentice, the carpenter, and the cistern-water-filling guy all coming by. But I did eventually finish the evenings "Spacetrawler" and went to bed." -- Panel 2: Drawing of me sitting on some old stone steps with a cup of tea looking out. Caption, "In the morning I had some coffee while I watched the ocean, and then walked into town to get some groceries at Duggins." -- Panel 3: Drawing of an empty kitchen with tile floor. Caption, "I took the table out of the kitchen (it felt so much more open and better!) and rearranged the main living area. First step, try to control one's environment (a little), right?" -- Panel 4: Drawing of me working at the kitchen table, now in the main room, overlooking the sea. Caption, "I love now having the view of the ocean as I work. I just have to remember to move my computer things into the kitchen each night in case a sideways rain comes in and soaks everything." -- Panel 5: Drawing of me hitting my head on a hanging light fixture, with an inset drawing of me making a twelfth hatch mark on a pad of paper. Caption, "I've also started keeping a scorecard of how many times I hit my head on the dangling light in the kitchen. Good times." -- Panel 6 has two drawings: The first is of me sitting under a shady tree on a bench looking at the Caribbean. Caption, "12/20/22 - I've started walking into town every morning, sometimes just to sit on the benches at the top of the "slave trail."" The second drawing is of me in the courtyard of For Oranje. Caption, "I poked my nose into Fort Oranje." -- Panel 7 also has two drawings: The first is of me walking towards a building with a sign that reads "FXDC Post". Caption, "12/21/22 - I went to the FXDC Post to mail a couple of birthday cards." The second drawing is of me walking up the steps of the STENAPA building. Caption, "12/22/22 - I went to get a hiking pass at STENAPA." -- Panel 8: Drawing of me having a beer at a wood paneled bar. Caption, "In the evening, I walked back into town and had a drink at Cool Corner. Thought about what "home" means to me (and what it means to miss it when you don't really have one)." -- Panel 9: Drawing of me walking through the ruins of the Dutch Reformed Church. Caption, "12/24/22 - I tried unsuccessfully to find the elusive "donut factory" (I was recently told it relocated to Bonaire), and so I wandered, and looked in at the ruins of the Dutch Reformed Church."



  1. Patreon: Allan

    Get a thick zip tie and a step stool. Put the step stool next to the lamp you hit your head on, stand on it facing the lamp. If it’s a dangling cord, loop it and use the zip tie to keep it looped (which is why you want a thick zip tie, more friction) where the cord overlaps itself. If it’s like mine, it’s a chain with a cord woven throw the chain, just zip tie 2 links at the appropriate height. Mine has a hook in the ceiling for the chain, easier to adjust.

    1. @Allan, excellent idea! It’s not a chain though. but also, I never hit it hard, and it makes me laugh not only when it happens, but that the tally keeps getting higher (at 16 now).

      But yeah. I could somehow tie it to the wall, or put a chair under it, just nothing good enough to do. πŸ™‚

  2. Louise

    As someone who has lived in scores of houses and apartments, and now lives on a boat that moves constantly, I agree the concept of home is very hard to describe. Most people think it is a place, but I believe it is 100% a feeling. Sometimes a place invokes that feeling, but mostly it is simply fully formed inside me. You are such a keen observer of people that I suspect you’ll have more of that feeling as you get to know more of the local people.

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