12/30/22 Diary: Christmas


Title: Christmas Panel 1: Drawing of me at my worktable staring intently at my laptop. Caption, "12/24/22 - I had a nice FaceTime call with Callistus. My friends have all been really supportive with reaching out, knowing I've been a bit cut off from human interaction." -- Panel 2: Drawing of four people on the coast of the island with St Kitt in the background as the sun rises. Caption, "12/25/22 - Carla invited me to join her and two of her friends, Paul-Louis and Laurel, to hike along the SE coast to the botanical garden (hiking there was SO much more pleasant than driving there)." -- Panel 3: Drawing of me again at my worktable staring intently at my laptop. Caption, "Later I did a zoom with the family for Christmas. Nice to see all their faces." -- Panel 4: Drawing of my bare feet, wearing sandals. Caption, "On a side note, I never thought I'd become a sandal person, but here I am. If I'm chilly: sandals with socks (I know some people have the hobby of hating on sandals with socks, but we all need our hobbies)." -- Panel 5: Drawing of me walking into town with a backpack on. Caption, "12/26/22 - Since apparently there's no donut shop I decided to stop by the Sandbox Tree Bakery and then get some groceries at Duggins, but both were still closed for the long holiday weekend I guess." -- Panel 6: Drawing of me facing a bull walking loose, dragging a chain behind him. Caption, "On the way home, three cows and a bull crossed the road maybe 100 feet in front of me. The bull in last, stopped and stared at me long and hard, a heavy chain around his neck which he was dragging along the pavement. Um. Nice bull." -- Panel 7: Drawing of me in the back bathroom petting the cat Brinnie. Caption, "The cat Brinnie is skittish and lives in the back bathroom. Every time I would go in, she would jump out the window. But today she finally let me pet her (I think the tin of tuna helped)." -- Panel 8: Drawing of me walking at night with the moon only a sliver. Caption, "In the evening I walked into town for a beer at Cool Corner again. Nice just to be among people, even if I'm shy. There was a nice warm breeze, and the moon was a fingernail clipping." -- Panel 9: Drawing of me coming out of the Sandbox Tree Bakery with a bag in hand. Caption, "11/27/22 - I got a cheese pastry at Sandbox Tree Bakery (they didn't have anything sweet!), and decided to finish it for lunch. Than Duggins and home."



Picture of Brinnie the cat being pet by me.

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