01/03/23 Diary: Old year’s Night


Title: Old Year's Night  Panel 1: Drawing of m reading my kindle while I drink black tea at night. Caption, "12/31/22 - I wanted to see the midnight fireworks downtown. Very tiredly I got ready (I usually going to sleep at 10:00pm) and had a cup of Earl Grey, and walked into town right at my usual bedtime." -- Panel 2: Drawing of me walking the downtown streets of Statia in the dark. Caption, "I went at 10:00 because I wasn't sure I'd have the inertia to go at 11:45, and also I was thinking bars would be packed and festive. But it was very quiet all around." -- Panel 3: Another drawing of me walking the downtown streets of Statia in the dark. Caption, "It felt like playing a first person shooter video game, where I kept walking around in circles through the streets in almost a manic fashion trying to figure out what I had to do."  -- Panel 4: Drawing of me sitting on the wall of the slave trail under the moon at night looking out at the bay. Caption, "I gave up and sat on the wall on the slave trail and looked down at the bay, reflecting on 2022. It was a hard year, but I felt proud for working hard the whole time to heal and keep things moving forward."  -- Panel 5: Drawing of me in the down streets of Statia at night with emergency vehicles driving by in a line with their lights on. Caption, "Some church bells tolled at midnight, and on the 12th "dong!" all the emergency vehicles on the island (about eight or so) did a half-hour conga line all around the town with her sirens blaring."  -- Panel 6: Drawing of me standing looking up with the from of my face illuminated from fireworks going off above me. Caption, "And when I went to the "former governors mansion" at midnight, there was a decent size crowd there. I’ve never been so close to fireworks. Going off, not very high, blowing up directly over our heads. It was intense, and a little scary, which made it exciting."  -- Panel 7: Drawing of me in bed, asleep, a mosquito net over me. Caption, "I got to bed just after 1:00am, three hours past my bedtime, and was awfully tired." -- Panel 8: Drawing of me shirtless cutting my own hair. Caption, "I always feel a bit renewed when I cut my hair (I've been cutting my own hair since middle school), and so doing it on New Years Day felt right." -- Panel 9: Drawing of me looking tired and a bit harried at my worktable, working. Caption, "1/2/22 - I know it was only one night of staying up late, but my emotions and energy are affected so much for days after. I felt a bit depressed and could barely function. At least it's nice to know it's temporary."



  1. Louise

    What an interesting way the island/town celebrates New Year’s! Completely understand how long it takes to recover from one night of staying up late. It’s almost like getting the flu.

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