01/05/23 Diary: The Boven


Title: The Boven Panel 1: Drawing of me being startled by a pearly/eyed thrasher flying out of the kitchen, and the "thunk" of an apple falling to the floor. Caption, "1/2/23 - A pearly-eyed thrasher snuck into the kitchen and started eating my $1 fair-to-middling apple (groceries are expensive here). I only found out because he knocked the pecked and now bruised thing onto the floor." -- Panel 1 continued: Drawing of an apple on a plate beneath a glass bowl. Caption, "My solution" -- Panel 2: Drawing of Lynn, Paul-Louis and I hiking up into the hills of the Boven in the the morning shadows. Caption, "1/3/23 - I hiked up in the Boven today with Lynn and Paul-Louis (who apparently know each other). I've been wanting to hike in there, but I've been not ready to do it solo, not knowing what kind of hiking I'd find. Nice to have that ice broken." -- Panel 3: Drawing of Lynn, Paul-Louis and I hiking very high up along the edge of a rock face which drops down into the sea. Caption, "We were going to go to where we could look down on Jenkins Bay, but Lynn was feeling vertigo and so we headed back." -- Panel 4: Drawing of me looking at the Quill from atop Berje. Caption, "On the way back we took a small side trip up Bergje, which had an amazing view, and ate the breakfast treats we brought." -- Panel 5: Drawing of me walking on Statia with the Boven and the Atlantic in the background. Caption, "One thing I find strange about my experience here on St Eustatius is that it is a very small island, but it never feels like I'm on an island." -- Panel 6: Drawing of me at Dick's Lake in California. Caption, "I think about camping in Desolation Wilderness in Dick's Lake with Cedra in 2016. It was near the top of Dick's Peak in a kind of crater." -- Panel 7: Drawing of me falling into the sky above Dick's Lake. Caption, "And it felt like it was all that existed in the world. That if I went over the rim, I would fall out into nothingness." -- Panel 8: Drawing of me walking on statia with the Quill volcano in the background. Caption, "But maybe that has more to do with my own vertigo than anything. Because here, even though the shores are less than a half hour walk from each other, when I walk from one to the other," -- Panel 9: Drawing of me walking on Statia with goats and the Caribbean in the background. Caption, "they both just feel like a coastline, like I'm on a continent, and here is simply where it meets the sea. And it never feels like I'm on this pinprick in the middle of water that goes on forever."



  1. And only now do I let it sink in–the names “The Boven” and “Bergje” were give-aways–that Sint Eustasius is a special municipality of The Netherlands, meaning that we are basically in the same country (even if some 7,000 kilometers apart)!

    I’ve been to nearby Sint Maarten, but not to Sint Eustasius. Hope you’re having a good time, and now I must follow your diary, as well (together with Space Trawler, of course).

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