01/18/23 Diary: Fresh Market


Title: Fresh Market  Panel 1: Drawing of me at a scuba shop, talking to the woman behind the counter. Caption, "1/12/23 - I walked to scubaqua to get a water-proof phone case for taking pictures underwater, and met the yoga instructor who lives down the street from me (who told me how to get to the water from my house)." -- Panel 2: Drawing of Nan and I sitting at the table talking. Caption, "After the housecleaner was done working, we got to chatting and sat around for about half an hour just talking." -- Panel 3: Drawing of coming out of Sandbox tree Bakery with my hands in the air and eyes rolled. Caption, "1/13/23 - I went back to sandbox tree bakery, since they said they only have "butter bread" on Friday. This time they told me they only have it after 3:00 on Friday. Sigh. Maybe next week." -- Panel 4: Drawing of me walking through the Statia Fresh Market. Caption, "I walked over to the "Fresh Market" which is a farmer's market. Only 4 tables, nothing I really wanted, but sweet."  -- Panel 5: Drawing of Esther, Aurel, John and I hiking in the pouring rain. Caption, "1/14/23 - Got up early to hike around the volcano with Esther and her friends Aurel and John, but we turned around when it started (and continued) pouring." -- Panel 6: Drawing of Esther, Aurel, John and I on John's porch having tea and coffee. Caption, "So we coffee and tea on John's porch overlooking the island." -- Panel 7: Drawing of me sitting in the field adjacent to the house, headphones in, crying a little. Annie the dog sits nearby. Caption, "A big reason for taking this house-sit job was to process things and reset a bit. I spend an hour each evening with the dogs in the yard, sometimes with music, sometimes with tears. It's been really good for me." -- Panel 8: Drawing of me walking to town. Caption, "Not as much adventuring this week, partially because of it raining every day. But each day I at least walk into town and back, and usually spend the rest of the day working." -- Panel 9: Drawing of me sitting on a tree on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. Caption, "1/17/23 - I walked down from the house to the water again, and found it. I sat and watched the waves roll in and thought of the Oregon coast."



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