01/24/23 Diary: Around the Quill


Title: Around the Quill Panel 1: Drawing of me at Cool Corner reading a book with a beer and my phone in front of me. Caption, "1/17/23 - I went to Cool Corner again and read more of my book over a beer. I am loving this ritual." -- Panel 2: Drawing of me on a hill looking out at Oranje bay in the distance. Caption, "1/18/23 - On my morning walk to town, I took a side-path to Round Hill. It's so close to my house and a great view of the island. I love finding new little things like that." -- Panel 3: Drawing of Lynn and I having tea and talking at my table. Caption, "1/19/23 - Lynn stopped by to check on me. We had tea and talked about a hike for this weekend." -- Panel 4: Drawing of me buying some Jamun wine at the local farmers market and talking with the woman working the stall. Caption, "1/20/23 - I went back to the farmer's market and bought a bottle of Jamun wine. I got it because I've never tried it and it's made from the local jamun fruit grown on the island." -- Panel 5: Drawing of me working on the engine of the jeep with its hood up. Caption, "I was going to drive to Oranje bay to go snorkeling, but the jeep horn started going off over every bump, and so I returned home and spent the next half hour searching for a fusebox diagram so I could remove the horn fuse. Success!" -- Panel 6: Drawing of a selfie of me underwater wearing a snorkel mask. Caption, "I tried out an underwater phone case so I could take pictures. It was a bit distracting and the photos were kinda murky, but it was still nice to get over my anxiety about snorkeling solo." -- Panel 7: Drawing of me having torn off a piece of bread from a long slender loaf which is steaming. I'm smiling as I eat it. Caption, "Then I got to Sandbox Tree bakery right at 3:00 and got me some hot-out-of-the-oven butter bread. Looks kinda like a baguette but with not as much rise (I suspect the high fat content). Tasted kinda like a croissant but not flakey." -- Panel 8: Drawing of Lynn, Aurel, and I hiking and looking out at Saint Kitts. Caption, "1/22/23 - Lynn, Aurel and I (John couldn't make it) hiked around the Quill volcano. 6 hours, lots of up and down, lots of rocky terrain. I was so tired afterwards, but it was fun and beautiful!" -- Panel 9: Drawing of me watching Crazy Rich Asians on the television. Caption, "I was so tired in fact that I stopped work early, and turned on the TV for the first time and watched "Crazy Rich Asians" which was a very silly romance, which of course made me cry a lot (in a sweet way)."



  1. Julia

    Thanks. Looks good. I can see why you kept going back every week until you got some.

    Did you notice in the recipe, she says “yield” instead of “rise”? She uses that term at least twice. It’s interesting to think about what might be yielding to what as the yeast grows and the dough expands.

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