02/01/23 Diary: C/2022 E3 (ZTF)


Title: C/2022 E3 (ZTF) Panel 1: Drawing of me sitting in an old roofless church, just looking at it. Caption, "1/28/23 - This morning I sat in the ruins of the Dutch Reformed church and just imagined what it looked like when it was first built. Their pride, it's beauty and clean lines." -- Panel 2: Drawing of me in Fort Oranje, looking over the roofs of its buildings out at the Mediterranean. Caption, "I do my best to not get sad when I see things now in ruin, because maybe things didn’t end in tragedy. Sometimes one CHOOSES to move on, or sometimes it opens up new avenues for meaning and happiness." -- Panel 3: Drawing of Lynn and I eating pizza and sitting on a blanket in the grass near a rocky area leading down to the water at night. Caption, "In the evening, Lynn and I grabbed a pizza from "Pizza Life" and had a picnic by the water and told each other more of how we ended up on Statia." -- Panel 4: Drawing of me sitting on a long white driftwood tree looking out at the ocean. Caption, "1/29/23 - I walked down to the Atlantic shore again, and reflected that today is officially the halfway day of my stay here. I have mixed feelings about that." -- Panel 5: Drawing of me walking down a dirt road away from the ocean. Caption, "It's been a good gig, plenty of up sides, plenty of down (even if I don't talk much about the down sides here). But my mind has begun turning towards the future." -- Panel 6: Drawing of me walking through some tall grass, the Atlantic still in the background. Caption, "Soon I'll be going back to the states. I have plenty of work, but can work anywhere, so where do I live? So many factors: community, climate, inertia. Lots to meditate on." -- Panel 7: Drawing of me at my desk working. Caption, "I finally began drawing Willowweep Manor 2, and spent all day working on it. It's fun to see the old characters coming out of my (digital) pen again." -- Panel 8: Drawing of my glasses in the grass, with rocks and the Mediterranean in the background. Caption, "1/30/23 - I'd lost my reading glasses (I brought backups) when having pizza with Lynn, and so I walked down to Oranje bay, and amazingly they were there in the grass." -- Panel 9: Drawing of a small group of us entering an inflatable planetarium at night. Caption, "1/31/23 - I went with Lynn to see a show at the (inflatable) planetarium put together by Jaap Vreeling, and to see through his telescope the C/2022 E3 (ZTF) comet as it passes by earth. Ah, perspective."



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