02/10/23 Diary: Royalty


Title: Royalty  Panel 1: Drawing of me walking under the ruins of an old stone arch with the Atlantic the horizon in the background. Caption, "2/1/23 - I walked down to the sugar plantation historical site. Not much to see, and so I continued on down to the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic." -- Panel 2: Drawing of me approaching the doors to Duggins Grocery. Caption, "2/3/23 - now that I know that Duggins gets their food shipment on Thursday, Friday morning shopping is a "thing" for me, where I have the most chance that things I want are in stock." -- Panel 3: Drawing of me standing by the ruins of an old stone silo. Caption, "2/4/23 - There's ruins of an old grain silo, which I've been curious to investigate. A dog rushed me, and I thought I was going to be mauled, thank goodness it feinted." -- Panel 4: Drawing of me sitting on the comfy chair and reading from my Chromebook acer. Caption, "I re-read the journal comics from when Cedra and I traveled together. Such good memories, but it was hard because I still grieve the loss." -- Panel 5: Drawing of Lynn, John, Mora and I hiking down a path with trees on one side, rock cliffs on the other. Caption, "2/5/23 - Lynn, John, Mora, and I hiked into the boven, doing a full loop around the Bergje. We saw a newborn goat, umbilical cord still attached, whose mom had run off when she heard us. I cried a little, and hope the mom returned once we passed." -- Panel 6: Drawing of me watching the movie 'Ms. Purple'." Caption, "That evening I wanted comfort, and so I made popcorn and watched the movie "Ms. Purple," which I admit I didn't love, but was decent." -- Panel 7: Drawing of two rows of people in front of me, and a stage behind them. The two people in the front row are the king and queen of the Netherlands. Caption, "2/8/23 - The King, Queen, and princess of the Netherlands visited Statia, so I went to see a dance/music review the island put on for them. It was sweet, and by chance, I was sitting two rows behind them." -- Panel 8: Drawing of the king, queen, and princess dancing, with a local woman dancing in front of them. Caption, "The were pulled up from their seats by some of the young dancers, and agreeably cut a rug."  -- Panel 9: Drawing of me talking with the woman from the Historical Foundation Museum and her sister. Caption, "And it ended up being pretty social. I saw Aurel, Paul, and Mora. I chatted up a retired dutch woman I was sitting next to. And afterwards I bumped into the woman from the Historical Foundation Museum, and she introduced me to her sister who is a painter."





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