Oh goodness. I hadn’t planed on this running Christmas Eve. How cheery. :-/ Sorry!

And I made the list for best new webcomics of 2014 over at io9! Yay! 🙂

12/24/14 Departure

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  1. Of course you made it! It’s a great comic!!
    Can’t wait to see how it finishes…

  2. Fantastic comic. The drama is so thick I am smothered with in it!

  3. io9 posted about this, and it reminded me to come look. Is RSS down? I feel like I haven’t gotten any updates from it in forever! Now to figure out what the last one I read was!

    • He switched over to separate RSS feeds for each comic (One Way and Yontengu) — which is good, but it broke the old feed.

  4. Nope, you’ve ruined nothing for me. I already hate today anyways.

  5. Dmitri is drinking Vodka on the other side, lol.

  6. Whuff.

    Didn’t see that coming.
    Kinda saw it coming.
    That make any sense?

  7. Lol I wonder if humanity will send a delegation once she returns to corroborate her story, thereby negating the sacrifice. Yeah, that would be a silly human thing to do… :-/

  8. Well, the climax of a story about hope and sacrifice is quite fitting on the day some parts of humankind celebrate the birth of a boy who has to deal with that issues, too 😀

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