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12/29/14 Settling In

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  1. Well, that’s… unsettling.

    • Anti-climactic is the term I would use.

      • @Drew, you noticed! As a short-story concept tale (as I stated from the beginning), I never had ANY intention of a large epic space battle “climax” at the end! Just a quiet tidy ending that possibly makes one think about the ideas I played with during the telling. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Huh. So the aliens were keeping them all in a big trash compactor. Sent one back as a warning and squished the rest.

          Well, THAT’S about the most messed up ending for a story I’ve seen yet. But way too close to reality as well…

  2. I hope his new project will be as long as like Space Trawler…

  3. Don’t make it *too* good. You don’t want us to go into Anna Galactic shock.

  4. Coyoty: ba dum tish

    I must say, “Anna Galactic” sounds like a Marvel/DC superhero, which means I’m a little worried. Unless it’s an adaption of that Beastie Boys song…

  5. No, FUCK! I can’t be over already! You’re gonna make me cry here, man!


    God dammit, I was so engrossed in the universe.

    Agh. I guess you wanted to avoid another “Spacetrawler-sized” webcomic, that thing was pretty massive.

    Thanks, anyway. I enjoyed the trip.

    I thought it was only the prologue, but this will have to do.

  6. Nice short story. I was expecting more of a novella length story, but this works.

  7. @Coyoty, Hee hee! Actually, I already have plans for the eventual “Anna Galactic Shop” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And yes, Anna Galactic will be more of a full-sized (climactic ending) story. I have yet to determine an approximate page count, but will know by the time i start. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Bummer. Nothing but.

  9. Huh. Didn’t even know Yontengu existed.

  10. Honestly, I was (and maybe still am) expecting a mindshag, like the whole thing was just a simulation, that the other two crew members are still alive and such…

    Still a good comic.

    • I was kind of expecting them to execute the others in front of Orion, either before they sent her off, or via communication systems.
      Then later, since they fulfilled their threat, revive them without Orion or the rest of Humanity knowing. That way they could also prove to their new “guests” that they also have compassion.
      That and it would also give a chance to show off the plot twist as to the actual identity of the aliens. (Hexepodal anthropomorphic cats, symbiotic neural virus, the puppets aren’t puppets, descendants of atlantis, or whatever.)

  11. “Profoundly depressing” is how I’d finish this one up. Not only is everybody dead, but humanity really is hateful enough that aliens would rather kill us than speak to us.


  12. @Bruce_Greenwood, Hahahahahahahha!




    Um, Yeah. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Hope she’s got a few good books to read or maybe a volleyball to talk to so she doesn’t go wacko on the way home.

  14. …donยดt get me wrong, it was nice while it lasted and all…but I canยดt help feeling dissappointed.

    Well, Iยดll get over it ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I’m still a bit worried, though, that the final panel might have a) the aliens blowing up earth the same way Earth planned to blow up their world, b) the humans blowing up the spaceship.out of suspicion, or c) the rest of the crew getting into a fight as they realize tjey didn’t really vote for Orion.

  16. One of those short story character pieces that have an ambiguous ending. Not even showing the aliens! Very personal too. Like an Outer Limits episode. A very good one at that.

    This could be filmed. All you would need is the sets and the actors. Not much in special effects.

    Good Job!

  17. Cool, looking forward to the next one!

  18. Some Useless Geek


    This to me is a very untidy ending. We don’t know anything about the aliens other than they are sadistic, sicko bastards. If they had the capacity to convey their ideas well why didn’t they make their original message clearer? Are they sending back a zero-point bomb or species-killing disease or something?

    I have always thought that if Humanity encountered some sonzabitches like these guys that we’d have to build up our science to the point where we could go back with sufficient firepower to enforce our will on them, and so perhaps save some other species from experiencing the same trauma we were forced to endure.

    • I’ve been thinking about this. We DON’T know the aliens are sadistic, sicko bastards. They did make their message fairly clear. It wasn’t that hard to translate, it’s just the people who sent the crew on this suicidal mission lied to them about what the aliens said.

      What the aliens are is _scared_. Scared of us. Just as we are scared of them. And a faction of humanity tried to obliterate their entire species after the aliens told us to stay away from them. So they have reason to be scared.

      Whether that fear is enough to actually have killed the rest of the crew or just say they were going kill them to scare us away is intentionally ambiguous. Whether they are actually sending a message or a bomb is also intentionally ambiguous.

      Fear made us try to kill all of them. The obvious question the story leaves us with is, will fear make the aliens try to kill all of us? The slightly more subtle, thematic question the story asks is, will our fear of the Other be our demise?

      A really thought provoking short story. And a great ending in my opinion.

  19. Actually, the aliens sound a little too much like the humans they abhor. Sort of like the (almost) ending of the “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” before Reeves’ character’s act to save the Earth. It was sort of, “you might destroy the Earth, so we’re going to destroy you.” Is that really so advanced than Humanity’s status?
    And, if the Aliens are so advanced, why would they be afraid of anything Humans could do? It would be like many SF stories where everything technological just stops working.

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