I almost forgot to upload this. Was thinking it was Saturday. Holidays are like time warp.

Just launched the Kickstarter to print “One Way.” Yay! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/654744622/one-way-the-collection

12/26/14 A Nice Trip

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  1. You know how the Earth secret agents intended for the ship to blow up the aliens’ system? So do the aliens. They know how the ship can blow up an alien system.

    • I’ve been wondering that myself.

      I’m also wondering what happens to those who are left behind, will the big reveal be that they actually never left earth?

    • If they were just going to blow up the Earth, I don’t think they’d have bothered sending someone back. Not if they can already autopilot the ship and all.

    • I’m pretty sure the aliens knew about that capability before the humans did. After all, they seemed to be pretty adept at tapping into the human ship systems while it’s under Far Drive/Higgs, so they apparently know a LOT about how the equipment and physics work. 🙂
      The problem with challenging a technologically superior species is that they already know how all your toys work much better than you do, and have a toybox full of even better toys. 😉

      • But we’ll defeat them with our superior pluck, smarts and manly killer-ape-ism, right? Don’t tell me Science Fiction has lied to me! 🙂

        • Or as I heard on a Simpson’s Halloween episode, “Surrender, Earthlings! Your superior intelligence is no match for our puny weapons!”

  2. Just discovered this via io9’s link and binge-read the whole darn thing on Xmas day. Was very pleased to reload to find this one already up and dying to know what happens next!

  3. Well, now that the rest of the crew are dead, was it extremely painful, or did they simply suppress the atomic bonds within their bodies and just let the go poof?

    The world want’s to know!

  4. A few ways I imagine this might end.

    1. And Then There Were None (Agatha Christie): Orion can’t take survivor’s guilt, finds a rope or other means & puts herself out. The rest are either presumed or known to be dead. Optionally, Orion just asks the aliens to share the fate of the rest of the crew.

    2. Galapagos (Kurt Vonnegut): The ship travels back to Earth and blows up, set up by the aliens to kill everyone here. The crew is given a chance to restart a kindler, gentler human species. Fathered by Francisco since Gordon is gay.

    3. Spacetrawler (Chris Baldwin): The aliens reveal themselves & Chris reveals the comic isn’t over. We’re in for at least another year of the most talented, most expendable human crew turning the aliens’ world upside down.

    Hoping for a completely different surprise. FWIW, I think the comic really will end after a couple of plates.

  5. Well… at least someone didn’t tell Orion to “earn this.”

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