Saturday I worked on scripting, and then ended the evening with going to a really fun soul show with a friend. Sunday I went to Massachusetts to briefly visit family. Will be back in time for Monday model (in costume this week!) painting.

Boy am I tired. And almost unsure what day it is.

12/22/14 Never Forget

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  1. Um. I saw “Ascension” on SyFy Sunday morning. VERY similar to “One Way”. Except we haven’t been shown here that the mission’s a hoax. Or at least not the same hoax. The gravity on Ascension was a hint to the hoax, but in “One Way” you explained it in a way that would have worked there. And you had people go outside, so we know they’re not in a silo somewhere, and Vagus didn’t land on a mattress. But the similarities are concerning.

    • There are lots of things similar.

      Capricorn 1 had a faked mission to Mars which would have ended in all the ‘astronauts’ being killed as cover-up because the re-entry capsule burned up.

      Or the Doctor Who episode Invasion of the Dinosaurs, in which a scientist creates a faked mission to another, utopian planet by spacecraft when his real plan is to use a Timescoop to send his ‘colony’ into the remote past.

  2. The mind manipulation isn’t yet finished. Recall the episode from O.L. called “Nightmare” when an United Earth battle ship was captured by the Ebonites and the crew tortured. Turned out that the entire war was a fake. The Ebonites had made an error and were helping the generals to test their soldiers. They were not happy at torturing them and were balking over continuing. Not saying that this is, but it could be along the same lines…maybe.

  3. Hey, Chris. In panel 4, Gordon should be saying “discreetly,” rather than “discretely.”

    Anxiously waiting to see how this turns out.

  4. Where’d they get paper from?

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