03/01/11 Pierrot Works Out


I will be at the Seattle Emerald City Comic Con at the TopatoCo island ALL WEEKEND. Come! I’ll have books! (and Shatner, Riker, and Data will be there too!)

And so, for those of you out there who so gleefully requested Dusty get the snot beat out of him, I hope this feeds your weird perverted desire (I know it did mine). And I hope this inspires you to purchase Spacetrawler book 1. And if not, perhaps you would be delighted to know that Bill Barnes and Paul Southworth’s first collection of Not Invented Here is taking pre-sales. it’s a fun strip and the cover looks awesome.

Some minor things fluttering around. I am setting up my GoodReads account, so that i can have a widget in the sidebar which lists the most recent books I’ve read (it’s there now, in the bottom right, I’ll move it up once I feel it’s more together). Despite Lady Gaga being a bit of a flossy character, it was slightly interesting to see her new video Born This Way which paid homage to sci-fi…. well, and more sex and birth that one could watch while eating an egg-salad sandwich.

Spacetrawler Book 1, “The Human Seat,” Now For Sale!


  1. Wish I could justify going to ECC. It’s my hometown and all, but unfortunately grad school is saying no right now. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it up next year. But at least you’ll be at Stumptown again.

  2. Christopher

    thank you, @Lily, it’s so good to hear. 🙂
    @Kathleen, Thank you. Here’s a fun story for ya, I remember as a early teen, showing a bunch of my poorly drawn comics to Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird, and Dave Sim at a book signing that nobody came to (not well publicised) (this was during the TMNT/Cerebus weird crossover). They sat around and read my pile of comics and laughed (they were comical works) hardest probably at the sound effects.
    @Jordan, Yes! Stumptown. I’ll be there. 🙂

  3. Thomas S

    Me, I love the use of your perspective shots, the low ground landing of Dustin in panel 12 especially , the rigorous use of the panel size helps the repetition of scenes like this – and the warped wierd shaped hallway lumps are just magic – very well done. I presume you CGI’ed it beforehand before drawing it – otherwise the perspectives would just be near impossible to do – or are you a genius at that stuff as well as at comedy stuff …?

  4. Christopher

    @Thomas_S, yes, I put those together in sketchup first. I could’ve work it out on paper with 1or2-point perspective, I’ve done it before (long ago), but it would’ve taken wayyyy too long. And been kinda’ tedious. 🙂

  5. Lukas

    no wait, be sure not to stun him too often, or he’ll end up kicking ass, like dimitri did. to be honest, all the characters already kick way too much ass. Am I allowed to say this much ass on here? sorry.

  6. Thomas S

    @ Christopher – perhaps the quarters for Dustinians could be modelled after the utterly accurate research done at B&S balls … plenty of VB cans to open, loads of flies buzzing around, hot sand and fresh bullsh*t on the ground, seep swales of bullsdust to get yourself stuck in (and obligatory B&S balls). OOh – Dustin needs a Ute … he’s gotta be good at circle work. Most moronic Aussie blokes are …


    sorry, if I were your artistic licence (which I am not), I’d really hammer the piss poor things Aussies try to be proud of.

  7. Christopher

    Seattle Emerald City Comic Con is in high swing. Having fun. Hope y’all can come down. 🙂

    @Thomas_S Hahahahahahahahahaha. Um. No.
    @CrispFlows yes, I think me and most of the audience needed this to happen before we were ready to move on. 🙂

  8. JKCarroll

    @Thomas_S, you make being imprisoned in a vaguely-outbackish Disney-esque pseudo-Australia sound almost fun. Don’t forget: Dustin comes from a place that was (rightly, IMHO) named as “The Badass of the Week“: Australia. At least put a Sydney Funnel Web Spider outside his front door. Or maybe in the bathroom.

    Or better yet: empty a closet; put the Sydney Funnel Web Spider outside the closet door, and tell Dustin that the room behind that door is chock full of cold lager. That ought to keep him out of trouble for a few hours, at least. Hehehehehe…

  9. Joal

    BTW my favourite part is how he took the opportunity to beat the snot out of him *before* pulling out the stun gun.

    Also: I’ve finally caught up on my comic book and merchandise purchasing. Woohoo!

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