08/22/16 Message From Dauthaar





New strip! And there will be new strips every Monday and Wednesday!

Spread the word!

I’m so excited to be bringing Spacetrawler back, I’ve been more and more feeling I have more story to tell. And so it begins.

You can still go to Spacetrawler.com, because, well, easy linkage, but it all brings you over to baldwinpage.com/spacetrawler where the strip is actually set up to run. I may getΒ spacetrawler.com to work as well, but there were some roadblocks that didn’t get resolved in time for the release.

Welcome back. WELLLLCOOOOME BAAAAACK! (I’m a wee bit excited. Can you tell?)


  1. The thing I like the most is laughing twice a week. And on the rare occasions when your strip is not funny, it’s usualy moving.
    If you’re regularly late and publish on Tuesdays and Thursdays though, it would be nice: there are so many comics already every Monday and Wednesday…

  2. fookiesan

    Well, if I can’t have Vampire Bicycle back, I guess this’ll have to do. But seriously (although I did love Vampire Bicycle), —Wooooo!!! How much time has elapsed? Is Dimitri’s half-Eeb daughter all grown? It’ll be hard to top Dimitri, the single best character ever to grace a webcomic, but I suspect she might be the one to do it.

    1. Muzhik

      Oh! Cool! So maybe the Ghost of Martina Past will visit Nogg to tell him that his uncle murdered his father so his uncle could marry his mother. And to show Nogg that she still rocks her fashion sense.

  3. So I guess this is an uncontacted race (if they don’t know of other life in the galaxy) but not an unknown once (if Nob’s translator can understand their language.) Funny, if they’re already spacefaring in a big way. What’s the qualification for being contacted, again?

    1. Thanks! So they probably just haven’t worked out interstellar travel, which is understandable — you’d either need generation ships or FTL travel.

      I think back to reading Iain M. Banks’ “Against a Dark Background”, where the setting is a star system that is very isolated from the rest of the galaxy, such that the civilization that arises has never managed to get out of their own system despite having very powerful technology and perfectly good interplanetary travel — civilization rises and falls, but it’s all confined to this little fishbowl. This isolation is part of the psychological backdrop of a fairly dark book.

  4. Night-Gaunt49

    Heck, I didn’t even know about this comment function is was not labeled.

    Otherwise glad to get back in the Space Trawler universe with your splendid work.

    I started here at the original Space Trawler just after you had started it. What a read that was.

    Thanx Christopher Baldwin for letting us read your work!!!

    FTL travel does make it easier to get around. Even better that they have control of the time dilation effect. That way we don’t have introductions of new people all of the time. Can you imagine how often the worlds would change if they aged 250 Terran years or more per world they visited? That would be confusing to say the least.

  5. Jude

    Just discovered the old Spacetrawler series a couple of days back and read them through (along with many of the comments). So I obviously knew about this new series that I’m just starting. I loved loved LOVED the old story and know I’ll love this one just as much. But I’m going to pace myself and only read a batch of strips once a week so I don’t catch up too fast. Or at least that’s my plan but then when I buy chocolate to pace myself, I eat it all at one sitting. Spacetrawler is far more addictive than chocolate!

    To be honest, I’m not young and so I wasn’t aware that there were that many web comics out that fit both sci-fi and humour. Red Dwarf and Farscape were my all-time favourites TV sci-fi shows. Spacetrawler has much of the humour I saw on Red Dwarf along with the complex story development of Farscape. Just posted to let you know how VERY much I love Spacetrawler and if you never see a comment from me again, it’s not because I feel out of love with it. I’m just not someone who comments much.

      1. Chris, two (relatively) short questions –
        1. Since you obviously live sci-fi, have you ever read Spacetime For Springers by Fritz Leiber. If not, WHY NOT!? And if yes, do you think you could incorporate the idea into one strip about Mr. Jefferson? Sitting on potty-bot most of the day, he’s gotten rather fat and could use the exercise. (Horrors! Come to think of it, perhaps he and potty-bot have come to an ‘arrangement’ where potty-bot looks after both ends of Mr. Jefferson -meaning he never has to get off.)

        2. In your list of web comic links, I noticed you didn’t have Breaking Cat News. As a cat lover, you must’ve heard of it. If not, get over there immediately and start reading! I’d read some web comics off and on before but hers is the first I ever started reading regularly. I can’t praise it enough.

        Drive by Dave Kellet was the second regular read, and where I discovered Spacetrawler from you guest strips (which I considered on part with Dave’s Drive – high praise indeed!

        BTW, I lied. I ended up reading all current Spacetrawler strips. When I went to click on next and there was none, I had the feeling a drunk must have when they discover thir stash is empty. Sheer despair. Fear not though, I’ll be seeking solace by going back and reading the other comics you’ve written. Little Dee appeals to me as it reminds me of Calvin and Hobbs. <>

        (See? I said *relatively* short questions.)

  6. Maximum Carnage

    It’s back?

    It’s… It’s back! Woo!

    …but… *finger quivers over original series button* …want to see the new story… But… The memories… The adventure… The unapologetic bad-assery of Emily… *quiver intensifies* I… I have things I should do with that time…. And…

    *tap* AAAAAAAAAHHH *muffled by a mountain of archive pages. A fist thrusts out of the pile and gives a thumbs up* worrff iff. <3

  7. Dan

    I can’t believe it’s back and I didn’t know! I decided to see if I could read the archives after a scotch in my commemorative glass, and now I’m going to be up all night catching up!

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