10/19/11 Cat and Mouse


Hey, I’m going to be interviewed on the Moonhawk Studios podcast Wednesday around 7:45 pm PST (it’s listed as 7:00, but ignore that). You can listen and sign in and ask questions in the chat room. I give my characters (and thus: you) no mercy, and now’s your chance to give ME none.

There’s another old MAD job I did on their Idiotical blog, check it out.

And although an invisibility cloak and time travel* are perhaps quite a distance in the future, is levitation? Where are my Quantumlock shoes?!! Want!

*Yes, several theories have already come out postulating why the neutrino experiment may be wrong.


  1. Pete

    I don’t like this Yuri. She needs better therapy.

    Also, misplaced comma in panel 10. Should be:
    “To be sporting, I’ve sent the medi-bot to you, to let you know that this will end in amputation.”

    Or even better, reword that sentence completely… it’s really not up to the high standard of dialog you’ve demonstrated. (Or maybe I’m just being picky?)

    Love your work.

  2. TsunamiJane

    This is awesome! I love “As you can see, or barely see, I’ve turned the lights down, I’m hoping that’s even scarier for you.” Grammar pick though: after “down” should be either a period or a semicolon.

  3. Eris Lobo

    Cool stuff, indeed.

    Oh, and, yes, I agree that this should be reworded: “To be sporting, I’ve sent the medi-bot, to you let you know that … ”

    I recommend either: “To be sporting, I’ve sent the medi-bot to you to let you know that … ” or “To be sporting, I’ve sent the medi-bot to let you know that … ” So either add a “to” or remove the “you,” but definitely remove the comma. Just my two editorial cents. *smiles*

  4. Christopher

    @Pete & Eris_Lobo, I edited and edited that panel, and finally felt it good enough. But apparently I lost any editorial objectivitiy! What a mess! I’ll dig back in.

    @Cythrosi & @Christina, ha! Funny that I’d never HEARD GLaDOS (having never played Portal), but I’d been TOLD about her, and in fact was telling someone else about her just the other day BASED on merely what I’d been told. So, um, I take your comment as a compliment I think. 🙂

    @Marj, poop-on-a-stick! I haven’t been drawing Flineous’s tail! Gah! That was a mistake, will fix it!

  5. Prairie

    Yuri was such a little geek doll at the beginning of this strip. Shows what quadruple amputation via torture will do to a girl. Flineous is not the innocent here. That helps me understand more the awful, scary Yuri.

    The “feeeeding me ideas” line is FREAKING ME OUT. Is she going to EAT HIM?!?! ARGHHHHHHH!

  6. JKCarroll

    @Christopher, since you apparently have been channeling GLaDOS (without knowing about her, so you couldn’t change the channel), it makes me wonder what your subconscious has planned for Flineous.

    As in, at the end, instead of butterscotch pudding, there will be cake?

  7. Hawgowar

    I keep seeing Flineous running or floating into a giant web, with Spider Yuri descending on him with her 8 arms moving about, cackling like a daemon as Flineous screams in a tiny, fly-like voice; “Help me, pleeeeease!”


  8. CompaniaHill

    Cool. Same strip, a day later, and the tail magically appears. Good work, Chris!

    Because Yuri didn’t kill Flineous before, I don’t think she’ll kill him this time. But now that we’ve seen Flineous tailless (albeit temporarily), I fully expect to see him tailless (permanently) in a later strip. It’s a good look for him. It kinda balances out his earlessness, doncha think?

  9. JKCarroll

    @Whatwhat and @Leland, no. They left the I.A. Starbanger in orbit and had taken a shuttle to the surface. Now Flineous and Yuri have taken another shuttle back up to the Starbanger, and Flineous is desperately trying to remember where he put the shuttle keys.

    But, hey! As an operative (i.e., assassin-on-the-payroll) of the G.O.B., I’ll bet he’s had YEARS of training in different environments. Like hand-to-paw fighting in close quarters with a homicidal lifeform while the gravity has been turned off.

    It’ll be a piece of cake.

    So to speak…

  10. @Christopher

    Yes, definitely a compliment. For creepy, disembodied voices taunting you about your death, you don’t get much more iconic than GLaDOS.

    Also you should play Portal. The original only takes a couple of hours to get through and is always fun. 🙂

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