03/05/12 Meanwhile, Drifting In Space… II


And just like book #1, here is the sort-of epilogue strip. And below is a thank you video for all of you who helped support me during the Kickstarter campaign (and the rest of you too, for keeping my numbers up, spreading the word, and simply enjoying it).


  1. Classy.

    Regarding the use of spacetrawlers: the unclamped, newly-liberated Eebs strike me as the sort who do not particularly care as long as it is not them the bad things are being done to.

    The Eebs surely don’t really need a bar-bot either, realistically speaking. Can’t they just make their own drinks?

  2. They just melted a planet and are in the process of destroying a galactic civilization for the crime of using eebs as tools. So using other eebs for transportation would be a bit hypocritical. They’re a bit new to he whole ‘rational thinking’ thing, though, so it may take a strip or two to realize, and then rationalize. Or they may tinker up a whole new drive next strip. Hard to predict eebs…

  3. Christopher

    What’s funny is it didn’t even occur to me to ponder this. I’m so confident in the fact that beings set on revenge easily rationalize walking on their fallen brothers for the greater cause.

    Which NOW makes me ponder. Not only should I be careful then to look closer at the issue (it’s too easy to sluff something off as black and white if you find it despicable, as I feel about “revenge”), but also (now that you all pointed it out) that’ll be a fun dynamic to touch on at some point in the strip. 🙂

  4. JKCarroll

    @AlpineBob, maybe they’ll come up with a version of the greased dark light drive all by themselves.

    @Christopher, I honestly first read that as, …that’ll be a fun dynamite to touch on.

    An explosive topic, so to speak…

    As far as beings that can kill you with their brain, I would MUCH prefer dealing with River Tam (from “Firefly” and “Serenity”) over dealing with a single eeb.

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