06/18/12 A Mother’s Job


My friend Daniel and I went camping this week — off the grid, even cell phone service. One night: the campsite was forgettable, the hiking trails unpleasant, and so we built a campfire and talked writing, life, relationships, and more writing for about 9 hours straight (and several bundles of wood later). Good times.

Next we need to find some place we can get a cheap cabin for a week so we can go and each write a novel. Hm. it will happen, I swear.

I am TOTALLY envious of my friend Cedra, who got an art grant to go to the Arctic Circle to paint. I am eagerly (VERY eagerly, actually) waiting for a freelance check to come in, to pay back-rent and to pay to get a painting/drawing she’ll do on the trip. I only hope the ship doesn’t hit an iceburg and sink because then I wouldn’t get my painting out of it would miss her a lot!


  1. What? Only one comment so far? This is getting exciting! And how much DID she pay for that furniture?

    Oh – and happy Fathers’ Day to all that it applies too. 😀

    I’m still trying to figure out how you pronounce those creatures’ name. I’m also interested in how they manage to ditch or kill them. I’m in suspense! Come on, Chris. Update! Update!

  2. Christopher

    @Richard_Robertson “Dith” is pronounced like the workd “dither.” The “-erkers” sounds like you’d say “berserkers.” And updates! I’m working! I’m working! 🙂

  3. TB

    “She had a window resealer and a backup resealer?”

    Any living room that opens out into deep space probably has about twelve backup levels of window sealers. Mine sure as heck would, especially if something the size of a dog can simply bust through them by jumping at them.

    A small flaw in the dithERker concept: it seems kind of easy to elude a scent-tracking animal in a spacefaring society. I’m visualizing them down at the spaceport, trying to combine their funds to buy a transport ticket. All they have to do is check out every known planet until they pick up the scent again…

  4. Muzhik

    @Trim, yeah, just think of them as space barnacles. Do a Google image search for “barnacle” and you’ll see why.. Imagine those things magnified from a quarter inch across to a couple of feet across and you’ll have a diTHERker, complete with vacuum-safe shell but enough space available for their cute little teeth to munch on your fingers.

    @Lukas, just substitute “tornado debris” for “a bunch of space bloodhounds” and you’re right on the mark.

  5. beefhaze

    Mssr. Baldwin,
    I’ve been following spacetrawler almost from the first page.
    I can’t be silent, though, anymore. I have to say just one think about the tale.
    Thank you. It’s wonderful and I love it and I’m grateful for the time and energy you put into it. Thank you.
    I just had to be sure you were aware.
    I’ll just go back to silent adoration, most likely, but you’ll know I’m out here with my gratitude, cheering you in silence…

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