03/13/13 Martina Reconstructed


Goodness, What a whirlwind my trip was. I was able to spend most of my time laughing with Gini Koch and Marshiela Rockwell, who are both total hoots. I’ve listed everyone at my booth man times already, so I’ll send out a quick shout-out of thanks for Kris Tualla for organizing it, and a hello to Lynn Rush and Deena Remiel.

I was very lucky to meet the lovely couple, Dan and Emily, who put me up the last night in the gorgeous Tucson desert at the base of Mount Lemmon. Some of the experiences which my path falls upon, make me feel so very very fortunate.

A bit more travel until I’m home Thursday night, so I am a bit road weary, but in a good way. Relaxed and feeling good.

And don’t forget to check out, Gini Koch posted an interview that she did with me over on her site. It includes a free Spacetrawler book#1 giveaway. Go give it a read!


  1. Sabreur

    … this version of Martina scares me. I mean, Yuri scared me when she went all murderous-cyborg-rage mode. But not like this. Seeing the ultimate pacifist buy a knife with the apparent intent of just flat-out shanking the next hostile Eeb she finds is bad enough. The fact that she does it with zero emotional response is both strange and terrifying. She doesn’t have much in the way of resources yet, but I think the Eebs are in serious trouble here.

  2. Winterfeline

    It feels hard to believe this all is aimed to be a 3 year project. I mean, seeing this story grow, I can kind of see that there will have to be an end at some point where things are set in motion for this story to be told.

    Though I can only hope that this tale will end (eventually) on a note of “but that my friends, is another tale…” and leaving us waiting for (hopeful) continuation of stories in this world still. Perhaps a few years ahead, the surviving members (if any) are shown facing some new trouble, and allowing us to see how things have developed in the meanwhile?

    Lots of potential, and a very cool story to read up on regardless.

  3. Christopher

    @Winterfeline, still planning on it being 3 books. The third I thought would end in January, but we’ve still got a bit to go. Haven’t looked recently at my outline to think of when, but last i checked i was thinking July was likely.

    That said, the series is certainly open to sequel/continuation projects, but looking at my history of projects, the chances aren’t huge.

  4. Night-Gaunt

    Yuri is in your face psycho terminator, Martina is a quiet one. In some ways far more dangerous because she is deliberate an torn inside out emotionally. I am sad yet there is not too many ways she would have come out of the trauma in such shape that one would consider healthy.

  5. Mic

    Man, there’s something about that red pupil that keeps catching my eye because it just feels ‘wrong’. And considering what she’s preparing to do, it fits. Great (if slightly unnerving) work!

  6. Muzhik

    @Night-Gaunt, your comment reminds me of a line from the cyberpunk novel “Count Zero”: “The truly dangerous people do not NEED to look dangerous.”

    Just love quoting that line, sometimes. Especially after the academic equivalent of shanking a guy in the prison courtyard.

  7. Christopher

    Hey @Jamesalan! I’m afraid I won’t be able to make either. The closest is Minneapolis at Convergence in July. This year is going to be a wee bit light on the cons, but I haven’t been to Chicago in ages, and SHOULD do a show there sometime for sure!

  8. Selena

    I’m more scared that Martina’s question of Sienna-53 and then her calm purchase of a knife is not to use it herself but to let the Eebs use it on her. There’s no sign that she doesn’t still feel guilty about her role in everything.

  9. KarlMonster

    … and then Martina shivved Krep.

    “No. Krep, I want to practice my spontaneous pithing. Now tell me, did you see that coming. I mean you had to see something, you’re all eyeball in front. Did you notice me shift my weight? Should I lean back on my left foot? Was my delivery hard enough? Is Eeb flesh tougher than your hide? I mean it looks like I sure slit you up a treat.”

    (Aaah Bab 5. There was (occasionally) some great dialogue in that show.)

  10. Kathleen

    Also, I’ve been thinking about this, and I think the brilliance of this comic is that the violence matters. Violence changes people. It can’t be taken lightly. This comic started off with “yeah! let’s have an adventure! wooo!” but then reality sets in.

  11. Christopher

    @Kathleen, I’ve never been good at knowing/remembering the proper way to do things, and so I forget that “violence doesn’t have consequences” is even a THING because I find the whole concept so incongruous to life. 🙂 (and thank you for the kind words!)

  12. Corpore Metal

    Yeah, I agree. Blood bespattered spider-Yuri grinning in a corner of the ceiling was one of the scariest things I’ve seen in webcomics! But Martini seems to be putting out this whole other order of creepy now. She’s a revenant.

    This Martina seems like a bomb waiting to detonate. It’s always the quiet ones.

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