08/28/13 Dustin and Yuri


I did a guest strip for the funny webcomic Questionable Content. Check it out!

For non-Australians (like myself, but I did the research), Donut King is a huge chain in Australia, and the “Courier Mail” is one of their largest newspapers. I do hope I get to visit there someday. πŸ™‚

And again: Many of you have already told me that you missed the Kickstarter, and others that they wanted different combinations of goods, and you want to still get it. Well, I’ve opened up a stripped-downΒ temporary store PURELY for pre-sales between now and when the book is shipped. For books #1 & #2 I have only added them as β€œdoodled” versions. Glasses and certificates will be pulled sometime in mid-September when I put in the order to the printer (I won’t be printing extras). If you wish the straight-up books, please visit myΒ TopatoCo page.

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  1. War Pig

    Is it my faulty memory, but are Martina and Emily about the only females in the known universes (including on the other side of the draak sim) that Dimitri did not shag? Not counting his own sister, of course.

  2. MusicianOfCoolNoises

    As an Australian, all I can say is “Kookaburra Kebab” is hilarious.

    Didn’t get the Courier Mail reference immediately as I’m Victorian, but oh well.

    Yuri’s ending is great! I’m trying to remember if earlier on she’d specified that she didn’t want to return to Earth?

  3. ronald

    Why’d she ditch her cat look?

    What’s supposed to be the big deal about being “human,” anyway? Almost none of the other characters (including her pals the Furryites) are human and most of them are doing just fine.

    At the risk of speaking ill of the dead, I thought Martina’s attitude toward Yuri was rather condescending/holier-than-thou, and I would kind of have preferred her NOT ending up the way Martina wanted her to end up. Oh well. Shrug.

  4. ronald

    >>>Ronald, Yuri has PTSD from having all her limbs cut off and chopped up right in front of her.

    Well, yes, but that changes nothing that I said.

    Besides, if Yuri’s still suffering trauma, how much more of a jerk does that make Martina (may she rest in peace) for manipulating her into giving up some of her powers the way she did? Hey, great lesson on TRUST there, Martina.

    But that’s just me. I don’t require anyone else to agree with me. πŸ™‚

  5. Naever357

    Some years ago, I knew a young man who was a very gifted artist. He could stare a sheet of paper, and with a few deft strokes of his pen could create an image that would invoke whatever emotion he wants. “This is a happy tree” and it made you smile. “This is a sad tree” and your eyes would get something in them. It was like magic.

    You, sir, what that same gift. In spades. Please please please never stop doing what you are doing. You are truly gifted.

    Thanks for sharing it with us

  6. Christopher

    @War_Pig, actually, he only shagged about 5 or 6. but he presents himself well.

    @Nemo, yeah. But he complains a lot. And hides it under the mattress for when civilization falls apart. πŸ˜‰

    @MusicianOfCoolNoises, I don’t think she specified.

    @Ronald, you’re taking the wrong definition of “humanity.” I did not use the word meaning “to appear more human,” but rather “humaneness, benevolence.” She had become an unhinged killer. She killed a LOT and almost indiscriminately. Getting rid of the ears was not to appear more human, but to show she is trying not to live her life in reaction to her torture. Considering her being a pscho murderer, as the author I felt I had three choice 1. have her die in an act of kindness, 2. have her put in prison to punish, 3. have her give up her powers to try seek redemption. Letting her go on being an unhinged butcher was not acceptable. πŸ™‚

      1. Nezumi

        ALSO: Yeah, being an unhinged butcher is bad. Having cute earsies and mechanical parts is good, though. I’d go mouse if I had a chance. (Also not sure I’d go her route even after the torture. I’m… too empathetic and compassionate. At worst I think I’d end up more like Martina)

  7. Marianna

    I’m enjoying how this is winding up. I was a little unclear about panel six–is the “she” who is giving Nogg a memory stick Martina or Yuri (both are referenced in the “voiceover”). I presume Yuri because she’s the one who would want to kick Nogg in the head, but I first thought Martina because it would help account for how Nogg knew what happened to her when they were apart (actually that goes for both gals…).
    Might be worth clarifying by having the Ite say her name.
    Love from your editor friend. πŸ™‚

  8. M.A.

    I think maybe at the end there Martina felt herself going down that slippery psychokiller slope, and giving Yuri a hefty shove toward redemption was a way of recognizing and mitigating that. She didn’t have time to do it gently.

    Thank you for giving all of us procrastinators a second chance at the kickstarter goodies!

  9. jediadept

    Hi Christopher,
    With the story’s’ progression, and with your reply to @Ronald concerning the epilogue set-up (above), I now better understand Martinas’ actions towards Yuri, while in her last ditch push to make all things right with universe.
    Her actions may have seemed/been inconsistent at the time, but who really acts consistently when under as much pressure, and time constraints, as she was putting herself under.
    Perhaps the crushing of trust, is indeed the lesser evil compared to allowing a super-powerful being with sociopathic tendencies free roam of the galaxy.
    Thank you very much for an enjoyable ride!

  10. Mic

    I had wondered how we’d find out how Nogg knew about the events he wasn’t present for.

    Also, the newspaper is great. Especially the quote from his neighbour. Priceless.

    The true tragedy however is Bill having to heae the amazing stuff from Dustin, but in a useless form. Poor guy. πŸ™

  11. @Marianna, I think “she” is pretty clearly Yuri, unless Martina has the ability to speak after dying. πŸ˜‰

    (Contextually speaking, “Yuri” is the subject of the preceding sentence as well, and who all the “hers” refer to, so we can assume that “she” means Yuri that way, too.)

  12. d’awwwww! I want to live on planet Candybar too!

    and Mic, Bill is probably going to spend the rest of his freetime looking up all the “Martinas” in the Uruguayan white pages (assuming Dusty remembers even that much)

  13. Night-Gaunt

    I was sorry she lost her tiger coloration. Rather liked that. But she looks great now too. On a strange world with little tech. How opposite of her former life or the one before that on Terra.

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