09/18/13 Additional Story Intro


I know! I know! I decided to draw the intro at the beginning of this story. Well, it’s because I actually wrote the entire thing, and edited it and edited it, and know basically where I stand and what I want to say now. So, there you go! The new story starts Monday. Here’s the intro. 🙂

(and thank goodness I don’t have to draw myself again for a while. I can only stand staring into the abyss of my goofy mug for so many hours in a week’s span)

Oh, and I forgot to mention. We had this problem in our kitchen that our huge heavy cast iron pots and pans, plus a big ol’ wok, all were kept clumsily on our back burners for a lack of other place for them. So, this weekend I looked on our porch and saw we had a long sturdy plank, so I built this to keep them on. (I still might add an extra brace in front so it can’t topple forward, and if I’m REALLY inspired, i may paint it). I like building things. See? Happy shelf.


  1. I just discovered Spacetrawler, and spent the last couple weeks going through the archives. I’m really looking forward to the next part of the story. But, really, a wooden frame right next to an open gas flame? Are you sure you don’t want to at least wrap the lower portion in aluminum foil?

  2. Drakezius

    For the braces, use 2 short 45degree angle braces screwed into the back sides and top, that should provide enough structural support, while limiting the space required. Position them halfway between the long edge of your back pieces, and the corners.

  3. Drakezius

    ALSO: I have read every single page and post for the past few years when I discovered this, and this is tied with wapsisquare for my favorite comic both wen and print, ever.

    Thank you for making our lives much more enjoyable, and for all your years of blood, sweat, and tears.

  4. TsunamiJane

    I have been personally enjoying these self-portrait comics. Did you videotape yourself giving a speech? Snapshots? Mirror at least? These are awesome. I can SEE the action, hear your voice (and the other voices in my head are jealous).

    Also, when you laugh it reminds me of Martina’s dad.

  5. Kal'Panda

    I do worry about your pot shelf, it’s wood and after awhile the bottom side will become coated with grease from cooking, an if you have a flair up from when cooking it could catch fire and burn rather nicely….
    Having said that.
    In boats there are things called fiddles that stop dishes and such from sliding off shelfs, tables, and such. They are strips of wood on the table that provide a raised edge all around the table except at the corner (so you can clean them and spilled liquids can flow off the table).
    Keep up the good work, MORE SPACE TRAWLER, MORE SPACE TRAWLER, MORE SPACE TRAWLER, MORE SPACE TRAWLER… listen to the crowds chant…….

  6. Karyl

    You could maybe put hooks on the wall and hang those pots from the handles? then no issues of potential burning! I do think the shelf idea is cool though, just maybe it needs protective coating.
    Also, if you’ve never made tang-zhong bread, I think you should check it out.

  7. ChrisC

    Chris, judging form panel 13, I have to believe that you were the inspiration for Mr Zorilla’s impossibly long face? I love Spacetrawler. It’s the first thing I browse to on Monday and Wednesday. Thank you so much for keeping it going for a few months more. Helps with the withdrawal symptoms. Oh and the same goes for Little Dee and Bruno.

  8. Another Timmy

    Ahhhh, I really like your comic, and I will be sad when you perish in the inevitable kitchen fire… 🙁

    You’ve limited airflow to/from your range hood by positioning your shelf there, and as someone else mentioned, you’ve put two pieces of soon-to-be-greasy wood about two and a half to three inches from an open flame.

    If you need to have a shelf above your stove, it would be safer if you go with one of the metal wire racks that mount to the wall- the wires won’t block as much airflow, and you won’t have a fire hazard. Plus, by mounting to the wall, you get your lost counterspace back 🙂

    Be safe! We love your work!

  9. Some Useless Geek

    Channeling Martina’s dad? Nah. Mouth can’t open wide enough. Hopefully that won’t stop The Christopher from continuing spin-off stories though, particularly since there are plenty of interesting non-human characters. Hey, it’s not always about us Terrans, y’know?

  10. Big Mike

    DON’T use wood over that stove, unless the back burners don’t work. As for stability, I can’t see any, but you may want to anchor it to the wall wil “L” brackets so it won’t tip over…IF you are still going to use it.

  11. Raatt

    Not to be critical, but just to be supportive; add a strip, back plate, to the back of your self. about three to four inches wide that runs from one side to the other and attach it on the back of the sides and along the back of the top shelf. This will act as corner gussets for boths sides, tighten up and stabilize the whole structure and then put a couple of fasteners through the back plate into the wall behind the stove, solid man, solid. Love the cast iron dude, the only way to fly…erm…fry?

  12. Raatt

    Quick add on…since we are all being critical…the position does not likely restrict air flow to vent hood and the chances of fire hazard is also slim. When was the last time the gas range spewed flames a foot high. A sealing finish would be good, he was right about it becoming greasy. But major kudos for the proximity of your heavy and wonderful cookware. I’ll have a quick veggie stirfry over brown rice please, black bean sauce if you got it…

  13. Anarcissie

    I don’t think the wood will catch fire, although it might char eventually. I agree with the suggestion of anchoring to the wall, however; in my house the cats try to pull things like that over, and often succeed. They like getting books off my book shelves but instead of reading them they leave them on the floor. I don’t know what they’d do with an flying iron Dutch oven. Indeed, depending on the wall, you might consider attaching the shelf to the wall instead of supporting it at the sides.

  14. Christopher

    I had no idea my woodworking would spark such debate!

    I am not worried about it blocking air flow for the fan/vent. We almost never use it, and I have already tested it (steam from pasta last night) and the interruption is negligible.

    I might actually put some metal on the inside of it to keep it from catching fire (which I don’t think would happen, but better safe than sorry). And grease won’t protect it because we don’t build up much, as we’re both vegan and don’t cook with much oil, but maybe a painted coating instead of metal.

    The reason I’m planning on side braces (rather than a back anchor) is that our lease asks us to not make holes in the walls (and the walls are old, require anchors, and are not terribly strong). Maybe I can find a couple of old iron legs from a sewing machine or something. That would be cool.

  15. Maybe steal legs from a bakers rack, or even one of those bathroom shelf units (think long enough) and angle them out just enough to keep the whole thing against the wall. The junkyard, or the local Habitat For Humanity Re-Store (check weekly, always changes) may yield some ideas and some useful bits, for cheap.
    Leave room for the covered can of baking soda, where you can get it and dump it on a flaming skillet or casserole. Saves the meal, and the kitchen. It may taste a little funny, but is still safe to eat.

  16. CliffK

    Why not utilize the sides on the rear of the stove (where the knobs and/or clock are normally located) to secure it instead?
    Surely there’s already a few screw holes there to keep the plastic cover on, just find where they are and use longer screws that go through the shelf as well.
    Perhaps if you were feeling industrious, drill a few extra holes for good measure.
    If the stove is part of the lease (you never know), keep the original screws and just use existing holes…if you ever move, take your shelf with you and replace the original screws.
    No holes in the wall, no bracing cluttering up the walls, and it’ll be nice and solid!

    I was so sure at least one panel would be you literally saying “blah blah blah blah”, and my choice for that would have been panel 13…

  17. XMinusOne

    Yay! More Spacetrawler!

    That wood may char, but never ignite. Use some L brackets to brace that shelf and keep it from wobbling. You could secure it to the wall using Velcro strips which will peel off when you remove the shelf.

  18. thomas

    Really pedantic BUT shouldn’t we be asking for more “greased-dark-light-drive” instead. Y’know, ‘cos spacetrawlers were all inhuman / insentient ‘n stuff. As to the hardware … guys, don’t give the vegan ideas, hell turn this strip into tool-time which is such a sad series of injokes.

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