10/28/13 Decent Enemies


Ummm… this week. What even happened this week? I guess I went and saw “Gravity.” It kept me riveted to the edge of my seat and was well acted and beautiful, although being that I’m a story junkie I wanted more story.

Watched the documentary “Mother” last night, about overpopulation and women’s rights, (which you can stream/watch for free through the end of the month). I think it’s good to think about this stuff. I work daily to try and keep my footprint small, participate in women’s rights protests, try to write non-male-centric worlds and characters, and had a vasectomy long ago. I try my best to be good. We all do in our own ways.

Enjoying the autumn. Coffee, penuche fudge, and walks under the stars. I feel pretty lucky sometimes. And apparently, sentimental.


  1. WellWellWell

    Sorry to say, but in my readers eye it seems quite unrealistic that the kidnapper an his two Grunts would let Dimitri just amble in, all relaxed an japping, get to Emily, unfasten her…all of that takes time and makes it quite hard to believe.

    Maybe slashing the restraints?
    Or shooting first, like Han did?

  2. WellWellWell

    Yeah, you are right and – in fact, make my point.

    What I meant was shooting before:
    coming in, talking, getting behind the chair, squatting down and tugtugging Emily free.

  3. TheWreck

    @Well-to-the-Third: Who thinks of Dimitri as dangerous as he walks in, all calm-like, gabbing away in a highly-unthreatening manner until – PRESTO! – he’s running the universe or freed a rabid wolf in the shape of an Emily? Sade dedicates “Smooth Operator” to him nowadays.


  4. JediaKyrol

    I think they’re all just stunned…I remember a similar scene in Great Teacher Onizuka. Thugs kidnap a girl, have her tied up and are planning on filming a ransom message. Onizuka walks in, grabs the camera, starts filming and talking to everyone all nonchalant. After a minute someone goes “wait! who are you and what are you doing here?”…then he beats them up.

  5. Captain Jack

    Now I KNOW Dimitri is a better shot than that. The question is why just shoot to wound? I’m more the “shoot between the eyes and ask if anyone ELSE wants to negotiate” type…

  6. Sake

    What we’ve seen of the GOB station in the past indicates that while the delegates primarily play political horse swapping, roughing people up physically to get them to agree to your ideas is not nearly as taboo as it is for Western human democracies. Interestingly, it is not unknown for politicians themselves to get violent on Earth. but it usually tends to occur on the legislative floors (as in literal riots and fistfights in Parliament) instead of in backroom beatings.

    I think there’s a set of social rules for how people behave on the GOB station: It’s okay to beat up someone at any time (if you can get past their bodyguards), it’s acceptable to kill off pawns given the correct circumstances, you have to hear the other guy’s argument out before you or your thugs beat him up, and probably lots of other variations on democracy that would seem strange to humans but which are actually pretty practical.

  7. Kathleen

    You guys- remember. Demetri is the most famous person in the galaxy.

    He was the Apex Speaker for a while, is one of the richest men AND most eligible bachelors.

    So yeah, obviously they don’t want to kill him.

  8. Gillsing

    I see now that Emily made it so easy to get beaten up because she wanted to be beaten up. Kind of like Dimitri zapping himself with a stungun, I guess? Though that was more obvious, since he started doing it to himself before letting others do it to him. I wonder if Emily has considered starting a one-woman Fight Club, where she stands in front of a mirror and hits herself? It’d be a perfect match, wouldn’t it? 😉

    Or maybe the part of wanting to get beaten up was just regular tough-talk? Hard to say with these people. Kind of like when I try to pull off an absurd deadpan joke, and people think I’m ‘unusual’ enough that I might not be joking.

  9. Muzhik

    @Captain Jack, shooting someone between the eyes is a permanent solution. The question is if you’re dealing with a temporary problem. You shoot this guy between the eyes and you’ve lost an important source of information (not “possible source” — this guy knows stuff; it just may not be useful to the investigation). So Emily’s beating is temporary problem. Shooting Ellzbir in the arm is thus a temporary solution. Dimitry can shoot Ellzbir later as a permanent solution if Ellzbir becomes a permanent problem.

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