11/07/16 Pirates Aboard




BTW, it’s kinda hard to see in this strip, but, each time Mauricio “uses” Jabby, Jabby grows. You can see it more clearly the first time Mauricio uses Jabby. Annnnnd…. just so you know, although this was my plan all along, I did forget to implement it. So, if you don’t REMEMBER Jabby growing in that strip, it’s because I edited it in this weekend.

At the next house-sit. it’s going to be a month of relaxation (and really really hard work)



    1. andreas

      What Jabby is doing? Sentient bionic implant evil-pinkish disintegration blasters don’t kill people… you know the rest.

      So not at all sure if Maurizio is off the hook here. Enchanted weapons have a long tradition of bringing tragedy to whoever is wielding them – and we already know that Maurizio and Jabby don’t get to live happily ever after…

  1. Herandar

    So, is this strip title the same as the last one intentionally, or is it like a sentient arm-cannon that grows significantly every time it kills?

    And really, why would Reemp think that was a positive feature?

  2. ChaosFarseer

    Oh no, Jabby can fire whenever they both agree, not when they both agree to fire. Mauricio needs to never talk, or else there’s going to be a lot of casualties. “What’s your favorite color?” “Oh, uh, blue.” “My favorite color is also blue.” BLAST.

    (Haven’t commented before, but I really enjoyed the original Spacetrawler! Looks like there’ll be a lot of parallels here, and I hope it turns out well. Good luck!)

      1. Muzhik

        No, no, no! “Gum on the sidewalk” is just a really low bar. It also brings up the question of “Can one use Jabby as an entrenching tool?” (as trying to remove the gum through ablation resulted in a small trench).

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    But since Mercurio isn’t a psychopath he has feelings and empathy and the death of a being is appalling to him—worse since he helped it happen. I wonder if after the 20th kill he will start hardening up into a real cold blooded type killer.

  4. TB

    Waiting for the end of the story when Mauricio turns up at his father’s house as a nine-foot death robot.

    Mr. Zorilla: “Aaaah! You told me he was dead!”

    Nogg: “Well, your son was absorbed by a death weapon. He ceased to be Mauricio. So what I told you was true, from a certain point of view.”

  5. The Gorram Batguy

    “They’re tears of joy. Joy at the carnage.”
    “Now he’s throwing up and dry heaving in a panic attack.”
    “That’s vomit of joy. And it’s not panic, it’s joy spasms. He’s really into this stuff.”

  6. Pete Rogan

    Purely on a scientific note, where’s the additional material and mass for Jabby’s growth coming from?

    Does this mean that with each kill, Mauricio shrinks proportionately to account for Jabby’s growth?

    One can see several bad things coming from this. But I won’t rush it. I’m enjoying the trip so far, but I am beginning to see where I’m going to start cringing a bit.

    Rock on, Chris.

    1. Yang Tomoe

      Well Obviously it uses the Zero-point energy field to compress local dark-matter; thus increasing it’s total mass while also using the extra energy from the reaction to power it’s attack. This also serves to explain why it’s attacks get stronger since as it grows bigger it will be able to do a larger conversion.

      Heck if it gets big enough it could even use the anti power vacuum energy void gap to destabilize the local m- brane and p-brane relative positions in an widderschynnes reaction, which would allow for an excess of mass to energy reaction. This extra energy could then be used to temporarily alter the pre-existing physics of our universe by twisting some of the dark matter into anti-mobius picardo paradox matter. Heck this is easily done with any standard 9th dimensional relay run in parallel with a flux capacitor just don’t forget to output the circuit to your Interocitor.

      God some people just don’t understand the extra dimensional physics required for the suspension of disbelief.

        1. Yang Tomoe

          Yup-yup yup!


          My pleasure. I am glad I could help. People often say my explanations are clear as mud, and as short as the day is long.

          Bwa, ha ha ha HA!

          P.S. correction I ought to have said a “MICRO Interocitor”, of course you would not want to lug around a full sized one. That would be ridiculous.

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