11/21/16 Post Pirate Talk




Whew. Monday again.

Not been blogging much. Just in me head, and keeping my heart close to home.

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    1. andreas

      Quite. Apparently my drunken boxing comparison wasn’t that far off ;-).

      Hwan is working directly from the brain stem like a pro. Hard to fight a man who is reduced to basic reflexes, damn fast those.

      While he clearly can fight in his sleep, it’s much more difficult to be the last man standing, as we usually sleep lying down…

    1. Frank

      I think these aliens are more resistant than you give them credit for. They are pirate species after all

      What you should be pedanting about is that he doesn’t seem to have the big middle toe the macropod family is named after

  1. Prezombie

    They’re on a quest. And I know only three rules of adventuring. Never split the party, Keep the battle formation front tank mid dps back cleric, and *you never let that damn thief out of sight*!

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