12/12/16 Mauricio’s Question




Had a lovely time here with the Yule Log Festival in Beulah, CO. We even helped decorate the Pavilion the day beforehand:


We didn’t find the Yule Log, but we got to sing carols and eat lots of cookies. This is SUCH a sweet little town, I love it. Here is the Yule Log being dragged down from the forest, and you can just see the legs of the boy who was the one who found it (the finder gets to ride the log in as it’s being pulled)



  1. I’m being eaten by a robot arm fixture… a robot arm fixture… a robot arm fixture…
    I’m being eaten by a robot arm fixture and I don’t like it a bit!
    Oh no! It’s up to my elbow!
    Oh heck! It’s up to my neck!
    Oh dread, it’s up to my Hello, my name is Jabby!

    If Jabby consumes Mauricio’s brain, would that leave only Jabby and no one to agree with Jabby that someone needs killing? Or would Mauricio’s mind merge with Jabby’s and agreeing with one’s self count? Would Mauricio remain as Jabby’s conscience? Jabby would probably find some loophole.

  2. andreas

    “Hello soulmate. How embarrassing, I find myself quite attached to another.”

    (One who only thinks about herding alpacas, can you believe that? We’re going to be the bestest alpaca herders after we have administered justice to this sector. Herding is so easy: if one gets out of line, I disintegrate them.)

    1. Captain Continuety

      I bet Reemp would have known a way to do that…
      There, fixed that for you.
      Reemp died by the ahum… ‘hand’ of his own weapon a few pages back, remember?

  3. Jonesy

    Well, that’s a nasty side-effect. Imagine an enemy overwhelming you so you cannot speak and thus defend yourself with Jabby and then end up getting killed, because somebody disarmed you (pun intended). I kind of expect this to not be what Mauricio wanted.

    1. Muzhik

      @Night-Gaunt49, Vorpal weapons used to be top-of-the-line, like Zildjian cymbals, but I think quality has suffered in the past few decades. Plus, they’re definitely too noisy for stealth work.

  4. Muzhik

    Something Emily said has been bothering me: “I ought to strangle you right now, Nogg.” My question is, how? There’s no clearly-placed trachea available where you can apply pressure.

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