12/19/16 Devyat’s Inclusion




Monday, Monday, Monday.


  1. Rikard

    Oh Nogg, you egg!

    I sure hope Nogg knows how important he is as a lightning rod and sort-of-not-the-leader-but-still-it-anyway.

    Every time the comic contains scenes of Nogg getting a dressing down (chewing out?) by the cast, I kind of sympathise (I teach teenagers for a living…).

    God Jul (Merry Yule) from Sweden,

      1. Rikard

        I could explain, but it would quickly become an essay, and I doubt the esteemed artist would appreciate that.

        I would recommend the CIA World Factbook, and also the english/american Wikipedia page about Sweden as a starting point.

        I’ll sound off with two words: welfare state.

        God Jul, och God Fortsättning: Means Merry Yule, and Happy Continuation of the New Year, dating back to pre-Christian times when the winter solstice was celebrated to encourage Freja to bring back the sun, but also to spite the cold, the hunger and the darkness.

        Rikard, schoolteacher

  2. 0z79

    So the last crew member is a boozed-up, heavily-armed half-alien, half-human teenager. Who was raised by a Russian.

    One who gives even less fucks than normal, for someone of said nationality.


  3. @0z79, whoa! Tell me if I’m interpreting you wrong, but what I’m hearing is a slander of Russians. I am currently NO fan of much of what the government is doing, but the Russian people are just like you and me. Some good, some assholes. But they are not one thing. Some of my best friends are Russian-Americans. So, again: if I’m interpreting this correctly, let me be clear: there will be no slander allowed here base on race, religion, or nationality.

    That said, yes! Interesting. 🙂

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