01/18/17 Yuri’s Two Ideas




Hey, check out the guest strip I’m doing for Dave Kellett’s funny awesome strip, “Drive!” I did an eleven page story, and one will post every Tuesday, so make sure you keep up on it! (and read the archives too. Worth it).


And I’m back in Beulah. Yay!


  1. andreas

    Plus she openly said she would lie to Jabby about a host-transplant. Does this sound right to you?

    Speaking peace in a world of injustice – or else big boom? Eastern spirituality meet the Western version of Instant Karma…

    Just saying – maybe they should not bring Jabbicio to a mission seeking out injustice and “offering” their “help”? Alpaca herding sounds safer (not for the Alpacas though).

  2. Xeiran

    I think I finally see where the endgame for Jabby will be. Mauricio will find a way to convince Jabby that something Jabby did was wrong, and Jabby will be (programmatically?) duty-bound to kill itself. And of course, doing so will, as we are being told for certain here, kill Mauricio with it.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    Jabby probably has been designed to avoid that flaw in thinking. It would be the first thing to come up in the psychology programming bin. You don’t want your killer machine to have remorse. Illogical to its programming. No Capt. Kirk mind games to destroy itself as he was cleaver enough to do against two A.I.s that is “Nomad-Tan Ru” and ” M-5″.

    When the upgrading to Mauricio’s body is complete he will be as tough as the arm robot killer itself.

      1. I believe Jabby requires someone to make the judgement. It would be more the ‘Cyberman with two brains’ in my current headcanon.

        >begin gush<
        LOVING Freedo's Run. I am (as with all your work) completely engrossed in the story, and aware we have only just begun sliding down the iceberg. Thank you for giving me so many things to look forward to more of.

  4. TelynK

    I just want to say that I LOVE the 18-years-older Yuri. I really just feel that she’s a lot more “adult” now than she was in the first Spacetrawler – but that she clearly still has the same personality.

    I didn’t get that same shift in feeling with Emily or Pierrot or Nogg, Krep and Gurf. Dmitri’s definitely older but that happened during his trip through the Draak-Sim and not in the 18 years since…

    Yeah, definitely when Devyat was introduced, I somehow was surprised that she was already a teenager, as I had just assumed that only 5 or 6 years had passed since the end of the first Spacetrawler – and I guess that was partly because Emily and Pierrot only ‘seemed’ 5 or 6 years older (they got married at the end of the first Spacetrawler, and now they have a baby – usually for most of us (at least it is for me) that’s about a gap of 2-5 years, right?)….

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