03/08/17 What Moulthzar Shows




In the morning I’ll be lighting out back onto the road, screaming across CO, NM, and AZ to CA. Looking forward to camping and visiting friends along the way.

Also, don’t forget to check out the guest strip I’m doing for Dave Kellett’s funny awesome strip, “Drive!” I did an eleven page story, and one will post every Tuesday, so make sure you keep up on it! (and read the archives too. Worth it).


  1. andreas

    Forcibly collecting people to attend peace talks is like admonishing people for fighting in the war room (Dr Strangelove). This may not be the best way to pursue lasting peace.

    But perhaps they will figure out what sort of unobtainium is hidden at Heltch that makes it so unique in the solar system (or even galaxy)?

    My best guess is peace and quiet. Peace and quiet are hard to come by. Anyone else?

  2. Herandar

    Your throat will be mighty sore if you scream the entire way across three states. I suggest a suitable War Cry upon departure, and maybe a couple of Victory Yells upon arrivals great and small, and rest during the actual drive. You’ll have better attention of your immediate surroundings that way as well.

  3. Xeiran

    I realize you may have your reasons, but… why do the hallways of the (White House/Kremlin/Buckingham Palace) for the planetary ruler of Heltch all look like the cramped corridors of a ship/spaceship? In ships space is at a premium so a hallway is for conduit and piping first, humans second, sometimes hidden behind easy-to-remove maintenance panels to dress things up a little. But it makes no sense at all for the planetary residence / offices of a planetary ruler, where you’d expect expansive and expensively decorated hallways.

  4. The Gorram Batguy

    At this point, I feel like Team Nogg will forge a long-lasting peace between these peoples…by showing them that they’re surrounded by a galaxy of lunatics and that they’d better band together or people like Anesu will never stop bothering them and/or robbing them blind.
    On another note, the phrase “molten acid” is driving me crazy. To be “molten” implies an acid of some kind that is normally quite solid at room temperature which has been melted down by heat. While I suppose some kind of technically acidic substance that is a solid at room temperature must exist, I cannot but assume it must not be a very potent acid. All the intimidating acids I know are either liquids or gasses at room temperature, and even the gasses need to be dissolved in liquid to affect anything powerfully.
    Can somebody who knows more chemistry than me set me straight, or is this just silliness and I should stop thinking so much?

    1. Gregg

      A quick Google for solid acid turns up a few candidates that would be solid at room temps comfortable for humans, and meltable to a liquid without going to vapor phase too easily. Nothing so nasty as hydrofluoric acid which has a freezing point of -36.111°C (-33°F).

      If this alien species happens to have a biochemistry Ph pretty far to the basic end of the scale, then something as mild as citric acid could be crazy deadly to them.

      1. The Gorram Batguy

        I did that quick Google search, and even a little more. But it was not apparent that the acids in question were at all impressive. You yourself suggest that to make them impressive, we might assume some alternative alien physiology. But the target audience of this tale is humans, so I don’t find that suggestion satisfying.
        The overall imagery conjured in my mind (supported by the literal imagery of the glowing pit) is a mash-up of deadly acid and molten lava. But again, the two don’t appear to fit together according to my understanding of the physical universe (which as I’ve already acknowledged may well just be deficient).

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