07/10/17 Mauricio Feels It




I imagine this is what it’s like living with a three-year-old.


  1. I don’t even know what to say. Trying to word it but it’ll likely sound lame.This strip has unexpectedly touched me. So much conflicting thoughts between Mauricio and Jabby. Even if both were to try their hardest, they can’t possibly fathom the mind-set of each other. Probably something I can’t fathom about myself too.

    Chris, as a writer, do your characters feel as real and alive to you as they do to many of your readers?

  2. It’s like having an evil twin. Conjoined.

    Mr. Zorilla will be happy to know his son’s alien hand syndrome won’t be trying to kill him. We don’t know that Jabby died with Mauricio.

    Sidetrack: I Googled “zorilla” and found it’s a striped polecat, which isn’t a skunk but looks like one.

  3. Peter Rogan

    I don’t care how light it is or how it’s strengthening Mauricio to carry it as it grows. Jabby is a monstrous burden.

    I keep wondering: What is its end form? Does it intend to wear Mauricio down to an insensate numbness so that it becomes the indiscriminate killer it seems to want to be? Or does it need an intellectual (sic) opposite to justify its actions, however it twists language to suit? Can it become so consumed by this pursuit that it no longer cares whether Mauricio agrees with it or not? In such case, hasn’t it violated its own programming? Is it capable of even caring?

    Watching this descent into forced mutual madness is spiritually exhausting. Thank God the liquor store’s only a block away.

    1. Daremonai

      I do not really read stabby as wishing to be an indiscriminate killer, but instead seeking the moral guidance and framework that it would have received from its intended owner.

  4. Night-Gaunt49

    Rather first an annoyance then Jabby shows he can reason and misconstrue with the best of them. Then kill them and claim you thought it too. And it doesn’t seem to see a problem with a universe destroying thing staying alive to do it one day. So Jabby also has no self preservation function which it does have. Or it has computed some unlikely hoods of killing it and just won’t tell Mauricio for what ever reason? I am not really asking, just speculating. So well written!

  5. Myk Streja

    Mauricio still hasn’t learned the biggest lesson coming out of childhood: Life is not fair and the universe doesn’t care. He is still a child and he has an infant with a cannon in his care. A recipe for emo disaster.

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