07/31/17 Nogg Up To Speed




Wahoo!!! I’ve hit — 100 STRIPS — of the new Spacetrawler series!

I feel I should celebrate or something, but we don’t have a singe cookie in the house. :-/



  1. andreas

    Surely there must be some treats if only for the cats 😉

    Nitpickers might interject that while Nogg knows more at the end of the strip than in the beginning, still the title Nogg Up To Speed perhaps does not fully capture the situation ;-).

    Though hard physics type scifi fans may counter that Nogg by virtue of being mechanically (and presumably through some kind of force-field) tied to the ship and hence is part of its inertial system thus cannot fail to get brought up to speed after each change in velocity. Thus the title is accurate within an arbitrary number of digits after the decimal point, so all is well.

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    How do you handle trillions of beings? Without high tech integrated life support they could very easily die from malnutrition while they strip whole planets bare of life to feed themselves.

    Truly a mind numbing problem.

  3. Peter Rogan

    Trillions? You can’t, outside of a petri dish.

    More than five people can’t decide where to have lunch on their own, so there’s going to have to be some ‘persuasion’ involved to get them to settled on a new world without either ruining the biome or resorting to cannibalism. Also some idea of what the end state of the move is going to look like. I would have said ‘final solution,’ but, well…

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