12/25/17 Holiday Cake




I am taking this, the last week of the year, off. BUT WHAT HO! I would never leave you without comics. I drew this one (and Wednesday’s) in the Truckee library, a grin on my face. Happy holidays to you all. <3



  1. Leinglo

    Eh, the sugar is probably more likely to hurt Bikki’s stomach than the butter and eggs. In fact, meat is easier to digest than plants, and many herbivores (including cows, rabbits, elephants, horses, and yes, even kangaroos) have been documented eating meat when it’s available.

  2. War Pig

    We thank you for the comics. After the presents are opened what else is there to do but read our favorite comics?

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your good lady. Here’s hoping you both achieve great success in the coming year, and that you earn piles of money so tall that if you climb them you could reach out and touch the Aurora Borealis.

  3. CADirk

    With the same problem going on with pancakes (delicious, but bowel trouble afterwards), I think I understand Bikkie, it’s a well weighted consideration of pro and con in consumption.

    And happy holidays, enjoy the new year and stay safe.

  4. Night-Gaunt49

    I have seen examples of deer eating dead birds which did surprise me. Though I am aware that through the fossil record shows herbivores can become carnivores like Andrewsarcus is a direct relative of sheep, but it was a large size alpha predator. (I was going to use it as a sign, a bad sign that something isn’t right in the world. I still might.)

    Thanx Christopher for the comic today. Much likes and smiles and Merry Xmas and next week a New Year.

  5. Herandar

    But I was just verbally haranguing my children, “Why can’t you more like Chris
    Baldwin!? He never takes weeks off!!” Now how am I supposed to mold the lazy sacks into upstanding citizens??

    1. Muzhik

      @Herandar, simple. Just push them into approximately the correct shapes, then cover them all with wet (green) sand to at least 6 inches deep. Throw them into a red-hot kiln for overnight, let them cool slowly. Then you and your wife take a sledgehammer to the results and you can honestly brag to friends and family that you really broke the mold when you made your children.

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