04/04/18 – Not Hearing Wrong




Today I drew! And we finished listening to the audiobook for a “Flavia de Luce Mystery” series. What ridiculous charming fun.


  1. Efogoto

    That’s the thing with Jabby. You can’t love him too much. Not that all your love isn’t enough … it’s just so dang hard to love him at all that you can’t possibly love him too much.

  2. Yawnitz

    I was unable to leave a comment the day of the change to daily format for some reason, and I still am not used to the format, so I’m posting now.

    Honestly, I did not notice the comic was shorter until I read the post at the bottom of the comic. About the only complaint I can make is now I have to press more “previous” buttons to catch up, and more “next” buttons once I get to where I left off.

    We all know that’s just nitpicking.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    WE know that our favorite autonomous killing weapon can rebuild itself and its host—after a fashion. Still Stabby isn’t one to shirk its duty or get destroyed.

    Can’t wait to see the confrontation.

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