04/09/18 – Not Discussing It




Romance is always complicated.


  1. Coyoty

    This is definitely not a date. Wezzle is definitely not attracted to Mauricio. Mauricio is definitely not attracted to Wezzle. Neither of them is definitely wondering if Jabby can be used as a sex toy.

  2. Jude

    I’m just left wondering how Mauricio would manage using a knife and fork, all with one hand only. And trying to imagine how Wezzel would ingest the contents of the wine glass and food since we’ve seen no evidence of his mouth yet. Maybe under the floppy appendages on the front of his face similar to Dr. Zoidberg?

  3. Peter Rogan

    But only Mauricio even so much as pours his wine and lifts his glass. The silverware is still formally set, untouched, and there’s no sign of any food nor even a serving-platter — the only platter there is for the wine. It’s a very minimalist setting, and I would guess from this that we wouldn’t want to see either character eating or even contemplate how it would proceed. Since that’s what people have focused on, the tactic didn’t work. Important lesson here in attempted misdirection. Could a single prawn head on a side-dish have made a difference?

    After all, Wezzle’s self-absorbed and somewhat disturbing choice of dinner conversation is itself unappetizing. I’m not even going to think how Dmitri would have handled the situation.

  4. Shmey

    This is a slight pet peeve of mine, ever since J.K. Rowling outed Dumbledore with zero context up to that point. Some of us like clues so we can figure things out. Mauricio telling Devyat that he would not allow himself the pleasure of a woman’s company as long as he’s stuck with Jabby isn’t enough to go on.

    I will give Chris the benefit of the doubt since this scene hasn’t yet played out, but the threat of having to accept such an abrupt and major character paradigm shift with no warning is causing me to bristle.

    1. @Shmey, I don’t recall Mauricio ever specifically expressing a romantic interest, he mostly has just deflected. AND here he is expressing being bi, which means he can be plenty attracted to the female cast as well. I don’t see that I led the reader to believe otherwise, I simply never explored it. I see no character paradigm shift. And I don’t feel it’s very significant, it’s just his orientation.

      I think it may be worth it to self-examine why one might conclude people should be heterosexual until proven otherwise.

      If he had expressed enough and only female desires, I would have handled it differently, and maybe shown him “interested in exploring.” and worked in that development.

      As it is, I love Mauricio, and his trying to make sense of his screwed up world/situation. I find it regrettable that it made you bristle.

    2. 0z79

      Umm… just my two cents, but, seriously? If you had a sentient weapon taking over your body, who was constantly trying to rules-lawyer you into killing someone… how focused on nookie would *you* be?

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