04/12/18 – Wezzle Is Ready




If you’ve ever helped a 8-year-old get ready for school, you’re familiar with this routine.


  1. Esebian

    Ouch, Mauricio should jump into the next space mall and grab a better outfit.

    (Also, hello from an old commenter! Just today found out Spacetrawler’s back. I’m a bit behind on things, hahaha… sigh.)

    1. TB

      I don’t know. Jabby’s homicidal tendencies seem restricted to anyone who attacks him or obstructs a goal. If his goal is getting Wezzle to come along, harming him is counterproductive. He might threaten to zap Bruff, but I’m not sure how much effect that would have on Wuzzle.

      1. Peter Rogan

        Hence the quandary. Also hence the display of ingenuity and perhaps new insights on marketing and/or coercion to display. They are, after all, kissing cousins. With advertising, too. And the occasional cruise missile.

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