04/17/18 – Well-Reasoned Plan




It’s hard to have adventure-humor without a trap-door. It’s like PB&J without burnt coffee and fake creamer. There’s just something not right about it.


        1. Muzhik

          Ahhh! The same people who prohibit you from having more than one getaway vehicle parked in front of your lair? The ones that require at least **2** exits from any underground laboratory? The ones that prohibit bumper stickers on your getaway vehicles? The ones that prohibit flying any flags in front of your house? That LOA?

          Mauricio, set Jabby on “kill”. Justice is about to be done.

          1. Finn Kenyon

            Also the LOA that demands the existence of self destruct buttons on all evil objects over 1 cubic meter in size, the ones that demand all evil actions have at least five minutes between initiation of the procedure and anything actually happening, and the ones that demand villainous organizations have relatively obvious and mildly groan inducing names. They play both sides.

    1. Muzhik

      @Efogoto, unless you see a pile of bones, bone-analogues, or discarded carapaces (discarded because their inhabitants are dead — D-E-A-D — DEAD) on the floor around you, you don’t have a proper oubliette. Q.E.D.

  1. Nomi

    Those trapdoor seams were really obvious on the floor. I understand that Mauricio is naive and Jabby is arrogantly confident, but how the heck did Wezzle survive this long being so unobservant? Yeah, yeah, Law of Funny, ok.

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