05/28/18 – Don Ahé Guest Strip 1




I asked my good friend Don to do his version of Spacetrawler. So, today and tomorrow, I present, Don Ahé of Road Apples Almanac.


  1. Peter Rogan

    The Hwan-Bikkie potential rivalry always struck me as a particularly pregnant pistol-over-the-mantel. Now, of course, with Bikkie discovering honor and Hwan with his ‘Funco-File’-Rome Burns combat responses, it becomes quite impossible. No fight would be fair, and Bikkie would see to it that no fight would ensue. Or else he would find a way to make it fair, though I can’t imagine how or why he would do so voluntarily. They’re all the same team…. aren’t they?

  2. Pierre

    Typo, first panel: “then” instead of “than”.

    Also, I think in the third and fourth panel, Bikkie should refer to himself as Bikkie, not using the pronoun “I”.

    1. Don

      You’re right , “I” should have been Bikkie, and 🙂 i do know the difference for “then” and “than” but my brain is horrible at proofreading and alway read what should be there instead of what is actually there. Thanks for catching that 🙂

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