07/12/18 – Through The Wall




Be careful with that last step, it’s a doozie.


  1. Wingnut

    Reminds me of all the Sierra adventure game deaths particularly the space quests. “Way to go wingnut!” Gravity is the same everywhere, way too high for your attempted shortcut.

      1. Muzhik

        You’re assuming there will be any hostiles left able to report on what they’ve seen. Or will WANT to report on what they’ve seen, since I think Gounder is the type of leader who kills people he thinks are lying to him.

    1. Docard

      I liked the last panel! It reminds me of playing Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight… The first WASD game that the public got exposed to.

      I know that Devyat can think and function while falling. She’s Devyat.

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