07/23/18 – A Slight Tweak



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And just “thank you” in general. Just for being a great group of supportive funny readers/commenters/appreciators.

Truly. Thank you. -Christopher


      1. Gregg Eshelman

        She’s given Jabby a sort of Anosognosia. A person with that cannot acknowledge the existence of a problem with their own body.

        For example someone who has lost a hand and got some brain damage causing Agnosia about it. The person insists the hand is still there and when looking at the handless arm insists it has to be someone else’s arm.

        This five part series covers some famous cases. The Anosognosic’s Dilemma: Something’s Wrong but You’ll Never Know What It Is


  1. Peter Rogan

    I must admit I am disturbed, if not terrified, of the idea of induced anosognosia. We already have people far too stupid to recognize that they are stupid, too incompetent to know they’re incompetent, and are dealing with the damage they have caused and are CONTINUING to cause because they quite actually CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE BEING BETTER THAN THEY ARE — which has resulted in some truly mind-bogglingly offensive displays of ridiculous megalomania and gaspingly puerile if not infantile behavior. To actually cause someone to become even less self-aware and disconnected from their actual ability raises serious questions of responsibility — personal and social. To what degree are we responsible to reduce the incidence of anosognosia, whether or not we can induce it artificially? How do we address the question of knowing when we need to take responsibility for someone else’s actions and by what right and in whose name we step in? Can we know we know better? How would we know?

    In the present instance, though, Jabby’s powers of self-deception, programmed or not, do not seem induced by anything but Jabby’s inherent programming and its own ability to alter that programming to serve whatever it perceives its mission to be. That Jabby seems incapable of even considering that it is altering its own programming to serve unknown and unknowable ends seems to me to cover all its responses in relation to the question of whether it has been modified or not or even whether it can detect such modifications at all. Which seems unlikely.

    Why anybody would make an autoanosognosic weapon seems to me to be beyond reason itself — to even ask the question is to flirt with the unknowable. One longs for a Cretan to ask which of the other two Cretans is lying.

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