9/18/18 – Hwan’s Forms




For those who don’t remember or never saw “Punch Out!!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cc8tCE1bPSE

I think there must have been an arcade I went to when I was young which had this game and had the volume turned up really loud, because this cry is SO much stuck in my head as associated with that time.


  1. Night-Gaunt49

    Nice that the right techniques come up in each species he squares off against. I suppose he uses the human design to match probably points on the alien humanoids. The best trike points to use for minimal force for maximum out come. Very nice. But how long can he do it if more than one comes? How long can he hold out? We shall see.

  2. Coyoty

    I thought maybe Hwan would run out of styles, but according to one Quora expert, there are over 30,000 martial arts styles, with Kung Fu alone comprising 600 or so. If he uses Okichitaw or Coreeda, then he’s been doing his homework. Or Krav Maga, or Bokh, or Sqay, or Musti-Yuddha…

  3. War Pig

    When I was young, the closest we had to a combat video game was playing the card game War or the board game Stratego. Even Rock’em Sock’em Robots wasn’t invented until 1964. By then I was a teenager. Four years away from Vietnam and the Tet offensive.

  4. andreas

    Ohh, if Hwan is getting his kicks (so to speak) from Punch Out he will have to dodge opponent punches just to get his power rating up and be able to stretch back (press Select) to unlock the high-powered punch ;-).

    Kudos to Nintendo for turning even a quite violent sport into family friendly fun.

  5. Seymour Joseph

    Stupidest defense plan ever. Although watching Hwan beat them up might be entertaining for a while, I’m just waiting for Jibbz to unholster that weapon he carries and just shoot straight down the hallway. 300 guards trained in hand to hand combat? No sweat. Zap!

  6. Peter Rogan

    Oh, God, all the hours I spent at the arcade come back to me. I recognized that ‘style’ immediately, and heard it again in the multisectioned echo chamber of my head. Complete with the roar of the crowd. I’m torn between expressing my thanks for bringing me back to my youth and dread as I wait for the style known as Mortal Kombat to come into rotation. Ooooooo…..

    1. Muzhik

      Don’t worry. I’m convinced that “Tickle Monster” will come into play long before MK.

      (Tickle Monster. The most devious, dastardly martial art ever invented. Able to overpower hordes of 3-yo’s with the wave of the hand… )

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