12/24/18 – Changed Mind


I made a holiday comic, BUT I posted it over on my PATREON page.

It is FREE and UNLOCKED, but… it’s over there, just scroll down once there (more on all this below).




Happy eve!

I made a holiday comic, BUT I posted it over on my PATREON page.

It is FREE and UNLOCKED, but… it’s over there, (just scroll down once there) so that if you want to you can sign up while there. 🙂

(you can also just donate through Paypal, but the holiday strip is only over on Patreon) (the Paypal link has been added to the right sidebar as well)


I am so thankful for Patreon. Freelance comes and goes and has been a little thin this year, and I haven’t had a big book release for a few years (This Spacetrawler story will hopefully be released in the autumn). And Patreon has allowed me to survive and keep working hard to make the best I can for you. YOU have given me this, by supporting me. Thank you.

-Christopher Baldwin


  1. Peter Rogan

    Very Christlike, Mauricio. Not just his appearance. He knows he’s going to be crucified and that this must be done. In many ways, he’s been hanging off that cross for MONTHS.

    And he has the grace not to taunt Emily or anybody else that they will betray him three times before cockcrow. He never expected anything other than betrayal once Jabby got his hand. From anybody.

    Why do I get the impression that no matter what happens to Mauricio, his suffering will never truly end? He may not even get three days lying down in a tomb. How does one bear pain the size of a galaxy?

  2. Jude

    “…had a good heart. Had. She’s dead.” Ah, Jabby, ever the optimist.

    That last bit in Paetron with Wezzle! I love that pillow stuffed under his Santa top. You’re brilliant, Christopher! 😀

    1. Nova

      A while back I commented that I had a bad feeling about how this was gonna go – With Chris talking about intentionally making Emily less likeable as a character, followed by the start of this scene, I had become nervous that she was about to get disintegrated

      …until panel 4. Phew. Still pflarbin’

      It WAS a rather questionable plan, either way. If she was wrong, then… both she AND king get jabby’d? Hmm.

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