04/25/19 – Anesu’s Fear




Everyone has their role, don’t they?


  1. Nova

    It’s so difficult to tell when Anesu is or isn’t playing someone. Actually, I guess it’s safest to assume she always is, no matter what. She can’t help it. Even right here – Kin– O’Kingley remains skeptical, but is starting to feel more sympathetic toward her as she explains the situation. I have no doubt that she knows full well that by opening up she IS doing more to convince him to do as she wants. And that’s the curse of it.

    This comic has better characterization than half the books on my shelf. Someday, someday I’ll add spacetrawler to that shelf.

  2. Leinglo

    Maybe Anesu would have more on Earth to go back to and more in Space to go to if her primary means of interacting with people, even those she considers friends, wasn’t self-righteous manipulation. Her being alone is a hole she’s mostly dug herself.

  3. Y

    As a fellow sociopath I can more than relate to her ways. She isn’t lying about her feelings, but she perceives them as an outside observer, and acts them out only if it serves her. It’s easy to lie when you believe it yourself, but it’s even easier when you tell the part of the truth that serves you best.

  4. Nomi

    @Y, I think that’s right. Does ‘perceiving your feelings as an outside observer, and acting them out only if it serves’ make one a sociopath? It sounds low-drama and healthy to me. Anesu is a lot of fun, and I’m pretty sure she’s playing O’Kingley as usual.

  5. Randall R. Besch

    Sociopaths are weaker then psychopaths. They both have short life spans because of what they do is high risk. Some of it criminal. You can have some of the characteristics and still not be one.

    Anesu has burned so many bridges even if she is sincere here I would keep it on a shelf under guard. You just cannot fully trust such a person.

    However as a character she is dynamite! And this apparent soul searching is a wonderful facet of her self.

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